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18 Zen-Inducing Gifts For Your Friend Who's Into Mindfulness

Featuring health trackers, grounding bracelets, and more.

When searching for the perfect present for your most mindful friend, look at the trinkets and gadgets designed to help them feel centered, peaceful — and a little more grounded. Whether they’re brand-new to the meditation game or have been using Headspace for years, your bestie is bound to appreciate a mindfulness gift for the holidays this year.

Whether you wrap up a cozy-smelling candle, high-vibe crystal, or meditation cushion, they’ll definitely love that you considered this aspect of their personality. That said, this curated list of the best mindfulness gifts of 2022 could also work for someone who’s been eyeballing this aspect of wellness but has yet to get involved.

Some options to consider: Perhaps your yoga-loving BFF would be into the idea of a fitness tracker that helps them stay aware of their breath, a smart meditation device to incorporate into their self-care game, or a roll-on essential oil that they can sniff whenever they’re stressed. Whatever you choose, it’ll add a little something special to their day-to-day life.

Ready to shop? Keep scrolling for the best mindfulness essentials you can buy right now to make someone on your list very happy.

1. A Meditation Candle

Nothing sets the mood for a meditation sesh quite like lighting a candle. This 16-ounce beauty from Blue Sage Eco Boutique is made with a blend of natural soy wax and yummy essential oils. There’s lavender for relaxation, plus a dose of rosemary to uplift the mood and provide mental clarity. It also comes with an affirmation printed on the back label for a little extra empowerment.

2. A Relaxing Herbal Tea

The Breathe tea from Flyest Tea Co. is perfect for a scratchy throat or to sip whenever you need to remind yourself to take a deep breath. The caffeine-free herbal blend has ingredients like marshmallow, ginger root, elderflower, and stinging nettle to invigorate your senses. Aaah.

3. A Financial Wellness App

The free financial app that helps you save more without the guilt trip. With Fidelity Bloom, you’ll build sustainable habits for the long term. Using psychology and research-based concepts, the app helps you to understand how you spend your money so you can put your skills into practice IRL and earn back cash as you use your debit card. Terms apply.

4. A Mindfulness Card Pack

Practicing mindfulness isn’t always easy when you’re not at home in your meditation corner. That’s where this deck of cards comes in: Your friend can pack these for a quick moment of peace wherever they go. Each of the 50+ cards features an uplifting phrase as well as a mindfulness practice.

5. A Relaxing Room Spray

This zesty room spray with notes of sandalwood, jasmine, and mandarin is one of the best ways to get rid of bad odors while dousing your space with good vibes. It’s made with rhodochrosite crystal-infused water, a gemstone that’s known to uplift and promote positivity. Your bestie will love spritzing it at home, at work, or wherever they need an extra boost.

6. A Calming Fragrance Diffuser

This diffuser will transform your pal’s home into a mindful oasis. All they have to do is plug it in, connect to their smartphone or Alexa, and voila, they’ll be set to personalize their fragrance experience. Think programming lavender oil to waft around before bed, followed by a shot of citrus in the morning to help them wake up. As a bonus, the diffuser doubles as a soothing ambient nightlight.

7. A Grounding Bracelet Set

Not only is this bracelet set totally cute, but the gemstones will help remind your BFF to stay grounded and calm, regardless of how long their to-do list gets. The four high-vibe bracelets include black tourmaline for protective energy, rainbow tourmaline for confidence, rose quartz for openness and love, and amethyst for peace and tranquility.

8. A Daily Journal

Perfect for the friend who loves the idea of journaling but never quite has the time, this five-year journal only asks you to write one line per day. That’ll give them a dose of mindfulness without all the commitment, and also serve as a nice memory book to look back on so they can see how far they’ve come.

9. An Exfoliating Dry Brush

If your friend is all about their 12-step morning skin care routine, surprise them with this lovely dry brush from Kate McLeod. Its bristles are soft yet firm enough to exfoliate the skin while remaining gentle — never scratchy. It’ll also look super cute near their sink.

10. A Zen-Inducing Roll-On Oil

This portable essential oil roll-on can help zap stress and bring you back to the moment with its soothing blend of peppermint, Spanish sage, cardamom, ginger, and sweet fennel. Simply roll it on the wrists or behind the ears, take a deep inhale, and get on with the day feeling more centered.

11. A Mindfulness Puzzle

This book contains brain-teasing puzzles that are just tricky enough to relieve stress without being so hard that you give up and toss them across the room. It also includes adult versions of relaxing kids activities like dot-to-dots, mazes, and spot-the-difference games to help even the most anxious friend relax.

12. A Wellness Tracker

The FitBit Luxe is a sleek way to keep track of your wellness stats. Along with the usual fitness tracking features, it also notes how your body handles stress via an in-app stress management score, tracks your sleep to ensure you’re getting enough Zzzs, and measures your heart rate so you know when it’s time to unwind.

13. A Meditation App Membership

Treat your friend with a monthly subscription to the cult-favorite meditation app Headspace. For $12.99 a month, they’ll get access to guided meditations, courses, and mindfulness exercises that’ll help them cope with stress, sleep better, and feel happier overall. If you gift yourself a subscription, too, you’ll be able to meditate together via live groups.

14. A Soothing Sunset Lamp

This gorgeous sunset lamp from Nordic Peace can transform any space to be filled with a golden hour glow. Perfect for the friend who feels less than ideal in the winter, this lamp acts like a projector to cast a warm, comforting light on their wall — day or night. It comes with six different settings for a variety of different sunsets.

15. A Smart Sound Machine

The Hatch Restore is a device that combines the benefits of a sound machine with an alarm clock and a meditation platform. The sunrise alarm will help your BFF wake up gently as their bedroom fills with light, the sound machine feature can drown out noise, and the smart light casts a soft glow. You could also play guided meditations (yeah, it does everything).

16. A Comfy Meditation Cushion

Up your friend’s meditation game with a pillow that’s specifically crafted for the job. This hand-filled cotton cushion provides the perfect combo of height and support for proper alignment of the spine and hips so your BFF can really get in the zone. See similar items available in stock here.

17. A Guided Meditation Device

Core is for anyone who needs a little extra support while meditating. The premium bundle includes the Core Meditation Trainer device plus a 12-month premium app subscription, which offers access to thousands of guided meditations, breath training, and soundscapes that are updated daily. As you meditate, the Core pulses to guide your breathing and serve as a gentle reminder to keep your attention focused.

18. A Crystal Singing Bowl

That friend of yours who can’t stop raving about that sound bath they went to? Gift them this crystal singing bowl that’s tuned to the heart chakra. Think of it as a musical instrument that delivers peace and mindfulness whenever you give it a ring.