TikTok Is Obsessed With Bella Hadid's Face Tape Hack

BeautyTok is just now catching on.

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You know how an ultra-tight pony à la Ariana Grande or a sleek ballerina bun seems to just snatch your situation, giving you an accidental face lift and sultry siren eye moment in just seconds? Well, a tried-and-true trick that pro makeup artists, top-tier supermodels, and more have been using since, well, forever does just that. And as a bonus benefit: The age-old hack allows for a hairdo that doesn’t necessarily involve resulting headaches and unwanted flyaways from too-tight hairstyles ...

ICYWW, face tape is applied on either side of your face’s perimeter, typically around the temples or cheekbones. Connected to a string, it strategically tugs at your skin to give that lifted appearance, and remains hidden underneath layers of hair.

In her headline-making cover story for Vogue’s April 2022 issue (where she candidly discussed her regrets about altering her nose), Bella Hadid was clearly not one to gatekeep, sharing: “Whoever thinks I’ve gotten my eyes lifted or whatever it’s called — it’s face tape! The oldest trick in the book.” And while the youngest Hadid sister’s feature hit stands last spring, it seems the TikTok girlies are just now catching on to the face-altering hack (and trying it on themselves).

Thanks to Miss Hadid, face tape is making the rounds on TikTok — and many are loving the effects of the non-invasive lift. Sonya Esman, a creator who typically shares beauty and lifestyle content, says this of the hack: “It’s pretty cool how invisible [the tape] is. Obviously, this thing really does work, [it] definitely was not a lie.”

What’s more? She notes that clean skin is a must for face tape that adheres to the skin all night, and that it’s “definitely a stellar red carpet [or] special event trick.”

Would you give it a try ahead of an important night out?

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