TikTok's Siren Makeup Obsession Proves Mermaidcore Is Here To Stay

From subtle ocean-inspired beauty moments to major mermaid realism.

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In beauty, couture fashion, pop culture, and beyond — all things mermaid-inspired have been having their main character moment. And as a pisces gworl myself, I personally co-sign the subtle oceanic motifs and sensual siren vibes seen in increasingly unique ways across countless categories.

On the screen, for example, sirens have had their moment throughout the breakout, cult-watched show Wednesday. And with a trailer that truly had the internet buzzing, The Little Mermaid starring Halle Bailey has quickly become one of the most highly-anticipated live action films, dropping in May 2023.

In the world of beauty, the word “mermaid” has been most often associated with long, tousled hair in past years. And while we are still seeing A-listers playing with the goddess-like trend (like, say, Khloé Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens to name a few mermaid hair stans) — the big siren energy has only seemingly amplified throughout 2022, now making its way into the world of makeup, skin, and even manicures.

With so much interest and intrigue surrounding sirens as of late — ICYWW, there is a niche community called MermaidTok that discusses the possibility of mermaids’ existence — subtle (and not so subtle) references to the ocean-dwelling mythical creatures have been taking centerstage.

9 Mermaidcore Moments That Stun

High-Glam Siren Realism

Taking the siren makeup trend to new heights, Rita Ora looked otherworldly in realistic mermaid facial prosthetics at this year’s British Fashion Awards.

Mermaid Scale Nails

For her latest Coast music video, Hailee Steinfeld complemented her dreamy lilac eye makeup with sea-foam green nails dressed up with iridescent mermaid scales.

Covered In Pearls

Bedazzled and bejeweled eyes have been very much on-trend for some time now (thanks to Euphoria, of course), and opting for pearls instead of rhinestones gives that instant nod to the ocean.

Mermaid-Length Tresses

While the Good American founder most recently chopped her strands into effortlessly tousled wispy bangs, waist-grazing mermaid hair akin to Khloé’s has been spotted on red carpets, high fashion runways, and beyond as of late.

Subtle Siren Skin

Netflix’s Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega has been a cultural reset — and the ice-eyed sirens on the cult-fave show (including Joy Sunday’s character, Bianca Barclay) all have the most stunningly subtle, siren-scaled skin that is only visible when the light hits it just right.

Oceanic Eye Hues

Y2K-inspired blue eyeshadow has made a major comeback in recent months — and these deep, ocean-blue shades give all of the glowing mermaid vibes.

Island Girl Locs

Halle Bailey’s The Little Mermaid has *finally* revealed a trailer and premiere date — and her copper-hued locs have undoubtedly sparked a new love and appreciation for mermaid-inspired, island life hair ‘dos.

Sensual Siren Eyes

Siren vs. doe eyes are battling it out on TikTok — and with a name inspired by mythical mermaids that lure young sailors astray with their otherworldly lullabies, it makes sense that siren eyes would be sharp, alluring, and filled with a sensuality that feels powerfully confident and sure.

Wet Hair

On red carpets, Spring/Summer fashion week runways, and beyond, wet hair reigned as a siren glamour staple.

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