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Benoit Blanc Is The Fashion Star Of Glass Onion

Twitter loves his aesthetic.

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Benoit Blanc glass onion red and blue striped suit outfit

With fans gathering around the family television for the holidays, Knives Out sequel Glass Onion became one of Netflix’s most-watched films of the weekend. Though the mysterious plot was undoubtedly a draw, the grade-A fashion is what really had people talking (at least on my Twitter feed).

Chris Evans’ sweater took the internet by storm in the first film, but when it comes to the sequel, Benoit Blanc was the style standout. The detective served up a whole closet full of refined southern charm. Benoit’s wardrobe was straight out of the 1920s. His iconic fashion choices included: Signature ascots, classic cardigans, pleated pants, dapper sunglasses, and a Victorian-era smoking cap he wore in the bathtub.

My personal favorite was the blue and white striped nautical romper by Anto Shirt. He paired the poolside attire with tortoiseshell sunglasses, tan Manolo Blahnik sandals, and a yellow ascot. Legend. Runner up is another striped outfit — this time, a classy, navy and burgundy house coat. It would have paired perfectly with his bathtub headwear, tbh.

As always, Twitter had a lot of opinions — most of which revolved around Benoit’s fancy little swimsuit. Here are the most hilarious fashion-related tweets from Glass Onion Twitter.

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