The 9 Best Cooling Bras For Hot Weather

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When the hot weather rolls in, having a closet full of cooling T-shirts, breathable socks, and even cooling underwear can come in clutch. But, one more essential to have when the temperatures rise? A great bra that you won’t overheat in. For warm months (or even the occasional hot flash), the best cooling bras for hot weather are made with either moisture-wicking or breathable fabrics. Some even feature mesh panels or open backs for extra breathability.

When it comes to moisture-wicking fabrics, nylon or polyester tend to do the best job at wicking away sweat and drying quickly when it’s hot out. But, because they’re naturally less breathable than cotton, a lot of experts don’t advise those fabrics for warm-weather wear. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if you’d prefer a breathable bra that’s a bit more likely to absorb sweat (and doesn’t dry as quickly), or a moisture-wicking fabric that’ll keep you dry but may not allow for as much airflow. I’ve included both options on this list, and specified the fabrics in each so you can easily sort through your options.

Regardless of whether you go for nylon, polyester, or cotton, you’ll want to find a bra that has some stretch to allow for movement and comfort (there’s nothing worse than feeling hot and constricted in a bra). Look for fabric blends that have high percentages of elastane, which might also go by the name spandex or the trademarked name Lycra.

Extra breathable details like mesh panels or open-back designs that allow for airflow are great to have when it starts to get sweaty. One last thing to keep an eye out for? Machine-washable bras. Ultimately, even a great cooling bra might still get sweaty in hot weather, and sadly a lot of things can happen if you don’t wash your bra often. You’ll thank yourself later for finding a style you can easily throw in the wash.

When it starts to get balmy, having one of the best cooling bras for hot weather will save the day and keep you dry.

1. This Everyday Bra That Has A "Chill Fx" Cup Lining

  • Fabric: 51% nylon, 37% polyester, 12% spandex

This wireless bra is designed with “Chill Fx” cups which wick away moisture while you’re wearing them, perfect for sweaty days out. A hook-and-eye closure and adjustable straps allow you to find a comfortable fit, and an open scoop back will keep your skin from overheating. This bra has plenty of spandex to allow for a good range of movement when you’re out and about in warm weather, and the contoured cups lend some extra support to the wire-free design. And since this is machine washable, once you’ve spent all day out in the heat, you can put it right into your washer dryer.

According to one reviewer: “Now one of my favorite bras! Wireless and nearly-nude with a slight shimmer and breathable material that has been especially nice for hot temperatures.”

  • Available in sizes: 36C - 44DD

2. This Sheer Bra With Two Layers Of Mesh

  • Fabric: 88% nylon, 12% spandex

Outfitted with two layers of mesh and a sheer design, this bra offers plenty of support without being too hot. It’s designed with a nylon-spandex blend that won’t absorb sweat and stretches with you, and it’s even machine washable. If you’re looking for an underwire bra that you can wear in the heat, this is a great pick. It also has adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure, and comes in five different colors to choose from.

According to one reviewer: “Gives me great lift and support without being uncomfortable, pinching or too hot! Comparable to Wacoal quality in a much more affordable price. [...] Ladies, don't hesitate, this will be your favorite bra in no time.”

  • Available sizes: 32C - 42DD

3. A Cotton Bralette That’ll Breathe In Hot Weather

  • Fabric: 53% cotton, 35% modal, 12% elastane

If breathable cotton is more your speed, this 53% cotton bralette is a fantastic buy. It won’t do much in the way of moisture management (cotton actually absorbs moisture), but the lightweight material allows for plenty of airflow, and it has 12% elastane for extra stretch. This is a bralette so it naturally lacks some of the structure of other bras on this list, but the racerback design and wide band underneath make this an easy bra to pull on and comfortably wear all day. It also comes in 30 colors, is machine washable, and is soft enough you can sleep in it.

According to one reviewer: “I love these bralettes. They’re breathable cotton, which is super important to my hyperreactive skin, especially on hot days. They’re comfortable, [and] racerback means no straps falling down.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small - 3X

4. An Editor-Favorite Bra With A Mesh Back

  • Fabric: 77% nylon, 23% elastane

With a high blend of stretchy elastane, this True & Co bra is designed to feel smooth under clothing and stretch with you as you move. The nylon-blend fabric won’t absorb sweat and the back of the bra also features mesh panels that allow for more airflow when you’re out in the heat. This bra is a favorite of Associate Commerce Editor Carina Finn, who says, “I'm obsessed with this bra, especially because I'm a large cup/small band size, which is hard to find in a bralette that actually gives shape and support! The seamless fabric is super thin and soft, so it's not uncomfortable in hot weather, and the mesh panels in the back add extra breathability.”

This pullover bra features adjustable straps that can be converted to a racerback style, as well. And, since it is machine washable, it’s easy to keep clean after a sweaty day. It’s available in six different colors, as well as a standard- and full-cup design.

According to one reviewer: “Fits true to size. A great neutral shade. It honestly the most comfortable bra I own! The mesh detail looks great but also makes the bra even more breathable! The material is so impressibly softest so I always feel like I am barely wearing anything.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large (30DDD - 40DD)

5. A Tie-Dye Camisole Bra That’s Great For Low-Impact Workouts

  • Fabric: Body, 96% nylon, 4% spandex; Liner, 95% nylon, 5% spandex

This low-to-medium-impact sports bra is designed with a nylon-spandex blend that’s stretchy and moisture-wicking. It also features C9 Champion’s signature “Duo Dry” technology which wicks away sweat when you’re wearing it during workouts or out in hot weather. It does have built-in cups, but they are removable if you’d prefer. This is a pullover style, so you won’t have to contend with closures when putting it on. And, the back features intricately woven straps that are relatively thin, leaving the majority of your skin exposed to let the air run through. This is also machine washable and comes in four tie-dye designs.

According to one reviewer: “I absolutely love this sports bra. I have won it twice for gentle/low impact workouts (walking, yoga) and high impact (weights and HIIT) and it held up both times. I absolutely love the colors and how they blend. It looks good under shirts and is extremely comfortable. I wore it all day and it stayed in place.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large

5. An Affordable Cotton Front-Closure Bra

  • Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% spandex

This front-closure bra is made of an almost entirely cotton blend with a touch of spandex. That means it’ll breathe well in the warm months and still move with you. The front-closure design makes it easy to take on and off, and has ruching along the front as a subtle detail touch. The low scoop on the back lets your skin breathe, and the straps are a medium thickness that won’t trap heat but still provides support. This wildly popular bra comes in a bunch of colors and packs, and each bra is machine washable.

According to one reviewer: “So comfortable and cool for summer with enough support. The front closure is easy, the straps comfortable and the soft cotton fabric is perfect for these warm muggy summer days.”

  • Available sizes: 34 - 48

6. A Full-Coverage Bra That’s Made Of Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

It offers a bit more coverage than other bras on this list, but this seamless bra is made of a nylon-spandex blend that won’t absorb moisture and get soaked out in the hot weather. With a flexible four-way stretch, the style couldn’t be more comfortable. While the wide straps offer a bit more coverage than others on this list (full-coverage bras with more fabric will naturally be a bit hotter), they also offer more support. The manufacturer doesn’t give care instructions, but many reviewers have washed these in the machine successfully. This pullover bra comes in seven different colors, ranging from neutrals like white and black to brights like a pale pink and royal blue.

According to one reviewer: “This bra is sooo moisture wicking and comfortable. A bit see through, but I don't mind. I will be buying more soon. My favorite to wear around the house and running errands.”

  • Available sizes: XX-Large - 6X

7. This 100% Cotton Bra With Sheer Details

  • Fabric: 100% cotton

This lacks the stretchy spandex of the the other bras here, but any structured bra made of 100% breathable cotton has earned consideration if you’re looking for a supremely breathable style. And, since this chic bra has sheer details along the cups, it’ll let in even more air. With adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure on the back, it’s easy to find the perfect fit. Plus, for anyone with bigger boobs, the relatively wide straps and wire-free yet supportive band give plenty of support. However, this machine-washable bra comes in just one color: classic white.

According to one reviewer: “Absolutely FABULOUS bra. The ONLY bra I wear. I work in a hot warehouse, and having a cotton bra in extreme heat is a necessity! I'm a chesty girl too, so the full-support, full-definition form, underwire-free is brilliant!”

  • Available sizes: 36B - 46DD

8. A High-Impact Sports Bra With Tons Of Stretch & Support

  • Fabric: 78% polyester, 22% elastane

While many high-impact sports bras rely on full-coverage designs that don’t allow for as much airflow, this wildly popular sports bra has a criss-cross back and a hook-and-eye closure that really supports you while leaving more of your skin exposed and cool. The polyester-spandex blend is stretchy and won’t absorb moisture, and its even machine washable. This sports bra comes in six colors so you can match your style or pick up a few.

According to one reviewer: “I feel contained, secure, and the moisture wicking fabric is really incredible. I jumprope with no problems, for cryin’ out loud! The fabric really does a great job of wicking moisture away from my body, and it is single-handedly the best bra I've ever had.”

  • Available in sizes: Small - 5X

9. This Fan-Favorite Bra With Extra Lift

  • Fabric: 51% nylon, 37% polyester, 12% spandex

This comfortable bra is made out of nylon, polyester, and spandex, so it’ll be stretchy and sweat-wicking for hot weather. Even better, it features Warner's signature "Chill FX" cup liners, which are designed specifically to wick away moisture. And, since this bra is machine washable, it’s super easy to care for. The back dips low to allow for more airflow and features adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure. Plus, it comes in a variety of soft neutrals so you can wear it under just about anything.

According to one reviewer: "Warners is a good brand of bra, but this bra specifically is the best of all of theirs. The straps are slightly wider than average, which is comfortable on the shoulders. They conveniently adjust in the front, too. The material is also really breathable and light. This is a major plus for those of us who live in hot climates."

  • Available sizes: 34A - 40C

Also Great: This Cooling Body Powder

This herbal body powder is completely talc-, paraben-, and synthetic fragrance-free, and is made from kaolin clay powder to absorb unwanted oil and moisture. It's also infused with natural antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients, including arrowroot and baking soda. While there are a few scents to choose from (including an unscented version), this one has a touch of lavender, vetiver, and clary sage, which makes this dusting powder smells just as good as it feels.

According to one reviewer: "Body powder works and Ora's works VERY WELL because it has some really really good and healthy [ingredients]. It does the job of preventing chafing, keeping me cool and smelling a little fresher even on the disgustingly hot days."