The 11 Best Earmuffs For Winter

Stay cozy.

by Andrea Gale
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If hats just aren’t cutting it in your battle against winter chill, consider adding a pair of the best earmuffs for winter. Colorful and fluffy or compact and practical, earmuffs keep your ears super-toasty. Whether you’re in the market for cute winter accessories or performance-wear ear warmers for outdoor workouts and activities, here’s what to consider while you shop.

Essentially, if it’s a material that you’d choose in a winter coat or a pair of warm gloves, the same will be true for your winter earmuffs. Materials like faux fur, fleece, and sheepskin are excellent for keeping warm; there’s even a pair of earmuffs filled with down (like little sleeping bags for your ears). If you’re looking for a pair of earmuffs or a headband for cold-weather workouts, choose a performance fabric that’s specially designed to both retain heat and wick away sweat.

On that note, you’ll find a few different styles of earmuffs on this list, suitable for all kinds of lifestyles and aesthetics. If you’re in pursuit of the après-ski vibe, you’ll find plenty of classic over-the-head earmuffs made of dreamily soft, fluffy faux fur that add some texture to your outfit. Runners may appreciate a lightweight, stretchy winter headband that won’t slip annoyingly while you work out, and can be easily tucked into the pocket of a jacket when you start to warm up. Want your ears to feel toasty, without any hair dents? Try behind-the-head earmuffs, or even a pair of individual, band-free earmuffs that’ll keep your ears warm and your hairstyle in pristine condition.

Ready to get cozy? Scroll on to shop 11 of the best earmuffs for winter.


These Classic Faux-Fur Earmuffs With Thousands Of 5-Star Ratings

Nearly 5,000 Amazon shoppers have given these classic faux-fur earmuffs a five-star rating; made of toasty and thick faux fur, reviewers rave about their softness and warmth. The foldable design will fit into your bag when you’re indoors, and the non-adjustable headband is lined with velvet to protect your hairstyle. What a cute — and warm — antidote for chilly weather.

Rave review: “I read the reviews and I'm happy I decided to purchase. Item is great, warm and large enough to cover my ears. I know it doesn't have an adjustable headband but it fits me perfectly and snug. I don't like hats so the ear muffs work best.”

Colors: 5 | Material: Faux Fur


These Luxuriously Soft Sheepskin Earmuffs

The ultimate in luxury, these sheepskin earmuffs are handmade from genuine Australian sheepskin wool guaranteed to keep your ears warm even in the coldest weather. They’re wind- and water-resistant, so you can use them even in wet weather, and they come in two sizes so you can find the perfect fit. Even the color options are luxe — think rich camel, pale pink, and celadon.

Rave review: “These Classic Australian sheepskin ear warmers are of excellent quality. They fit snug and completely cover my ears and do not hurt my head or ears. They do not slide off, even when wearing my sunglasses. [...] They definitely keep my ears warm, especially on those cold, snowy windy days! They come in their own box, which I use to store my ear warmers. I highly recommend these ear warmers!”

Colors: 6 | Material: Sheepskin


This Pair Of Clever Earmuffs With Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

These genius behind-the-head earmuffs are equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers, so you can keep your ears warm while streaming your favorite tunes, or even take calls. Featuring playback time of up to 10 hours with super-clear sound quality, they’re made with a combination of combed cotton, velvet, and faux fur to retain heat, and fold up to fit in a jacket pocket or purse when not in use — these earmuffs are soft, warm, and technologically advanced. Just note that these aren’t adjustable.

Rave review: “These Bluetooth earmuffs are super plush inside, they're exceptionally comfortable. The interior is a fabulous faux fur, the speakers are good quality and the sound that emits from them feels almost like surround sound. They're a very decent size and fold compact enough for a large pocket but also comes with a nice waterproof storage bag. For quality sound and comfortability, I absolutely recommend.”

Colors: 4 | Material: Combed Cotton, Velvet, Faux Fur


Some Adjustable Earmuffs In An Array Of Colors & Textures

Make as much, or as little, a style statement as you like in these adjustable earmuffs — they come in 21 diverse colors, patterns, and textures, from lavender purple, to leopard faux-fur, to blue cable-knit and faux fur-lined tartan. The adjustable knit headband ensures a snug and secure fit.

Rave review: “These are great. The temperature has been below 20 degrees F here for days. These earmuffs are up to the challenge and keep out the wind and cold. Cute, too. I may buy another pair in a different color. Very happy with them.”

Colors: 21 | Material: 50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic


A Pair Of Down-Filled Earmuffs To Withstand The Coldest Weather

Just like your favorite puffer jacket, these earmuffs are made with a water-resistant shell and filled with 650-fill down warm enough to withstand the coldest, wettest winter weather. They’re also collapsible, so you can fit them into a jacket pocket or purse, and they’re adjustable, too; you’ll reach for these whenever you’re facing a cold snap. One reviewer loved them so much, they wrote it was like “having two tiny pillows attached to your ears.”

Rave review: “I wear these in the brutal Chicago winters and my ears stay toasty warm. As long as I don't lose them, I look forward to wearing for several seasons. They are adjustable, which I appreciate having a smaller than normal head circumference, and they don't ruin my hair.”

Colors: 4 | Material: Water-Resistant Shell, Down Filling (80% Down, 20% Feathers)


A Pair Of Ultra-Light Earmuffs That Are Great For Outdoor Workouts

Heading out for a run or bike ride? Pop on this pair of lightweight earmuffs. They’re made of stretchy performance fabric, designed to be breathable and quick-drying, so even if you get sweaty, you’ll still be warm and dry. Worn behind the head, these earmuffs are fully collapsible, so they’ll easily fit into your jacket pocket. The lightweight, non-adjustable band comes in four colors, including this bright yellow that keeps you visible to drivers on the road.

Rave review: “I love these for cold morning runs when I have a cap on for warmth. They are not bulky, but they keep the wind and cold off ears pretty well. They fold up and can tuck in a pocket -- really important when on a longer run. Love them.”

Colors: 4 | Material: Performance Fabric, Fleece


These Genius Heated Ear Warmers

These genius heated ear warmers can heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit for the ultimate in warmth. Fully charged, they’ll last up to three hours, so you can enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities while keeping your ears toasty. The adjustable band and muffs are covered with cozy faux fur for added warmth, and they’re foldable for easy storage.

Rave review: “This is a holy grail product. I’m super sensitive to cold and so much I don’t feel like going outside in the winter. These earmuffs are easy to plug in a so easy to use. I use it indoors as well as it makes me feel relaxed like I’m at a spa. Highly recommend.”

​​Colors: 1 | Material: Faux Fur


A Pair Of Wind- & Water-Resistant Behind-The-Head Earmuffs

Reviewers rave about how handy these earmuffs are; they’re foldable, so they can slip into a purse or coat pocket once you’re inside, and since you wear them behind the head, they won’t mess up your hair. They’re also adjustable — always a plus in a pair of earmuffs — and the performance fleece material is wind- and water-resistant to stand up to the worst winter weather.

Rave review: “I love that these fold up, easy to carry in a coat pocket. Also since they wrap around the back of your head these are much less bulky wear. As a woman with long hair I can pull my hair over so the back band doesn't even show! Makes a tremendous difference having these on and feeling warm. I ride horses, walk the dogs, getting [to] and from the car to stores, and the ear grips truly do keep your ears warm! Also cuts way down on wind getting to your ears! Last but not least, these are adjustable as well.”

Colors: 6 | Material: Polyester


This Pair Of Discreet, Individual Ear Warmers Without A Band

Even if you’ve just visited the hair salon, you can wear these earmuffs without fear of mussing your ‘do — they’re bandless, so all you have to do is slip the fleece pockets over each ear for instant ear protection. (If you have long hair, they’re barely even visible.) So compact you can fit them in a jacket pocket, they’re available in three different sizes to ensure proper fit, and feature two layers of Thinsulate to block wind and chill.

Rave review: “I’m blown away by this product. [...] My hair doesn’t jostle them out of place. My helmet doesn’t move them. They fit on with hats. They fit over airpods. They fit over earrings (even dangly ones that hang out under them) and they don’t fall off! I wear them at the same time as glasses or sunglasses, no problem. They also cut down a bit on wind noise from biking, too. They are comfortable and cozy. [...] And if you get too warm, they’re small and will fit easily in a pocket.”

Colors: 11 | Material: Fleece


A Pair Of Cute, Fuzzy Earmuffs In Barbiecore Pink

Let your winter accessories in on the Barbiecore trend with these adorable fuzzy earmuffs; the light pink shade is the stuff Barbie Dream House dreams are made of. Made of fluffy faux fur, these non-adjustable earmuffs fold up to stash in your bag, and reviewers are obsessed with their softness. Not a pink person? You have 13 more colors to choose from, including plenty of darks and neutrals.

Rave review: “I was skeptical to whether these earmuffs would feel scratchy or be too large in size, but they were perfect in every way! The quality was top-notch and the fabric is so velvety and soft. The earmuffs make your ears feel so warm and the material doesn’t make your skin feel itchy. Definitely recommend!”

Colors: 14 | Material: Faux Fur


The 2-Pack Of Winter Headbands That Runners Love

These workout winter headbands are a favorite among runners and other outdoor sports lovers. They’re made of polar fleece designed to keep your ears and forehead warm without overheating, and they’re stretchy enough to stay in place without needing adjustment while you’re on the move. Since they come in a pack of two, you’ll always have a clean one handy — but they’re machine washable for easy upkeep.

Rave review: “Great for my outdoor runs. I have a pretty large head and it stays in place. It's the perfect amount of warmth, keeping my ears warm but not enough to make me sweat. I recently used it on a run in 32-degree weather.”

Colors: 3 | Material: Polar Fleece


Also Nice: This Faux-Fur Winter Headband That Makes A Major Style Statement

Make a dramatic style statement in this winter headband; the voluminous faux fur band is high-key fancy. Elasticized and lined with cozy fleece, this headband is as functional as it is stylish, and it comes in a range of 13 luxurious colors, like camel, cream, and deep blue. Wear it with fur-trimmed gloves for a gorgeously warm winter look.

Rave review: “This product is perfect in every way! It far exceeded my hopes. It is so soft and comfortable. I wore it all day while Christmas shopping and running errands and it never felt like it was squeezing my head. I love how it keeps my ears warm with out giving me "hat hair" lol. Beautiful product and have recommended it to several people”

Colors: 13 | Material: Faux Fur, Fleece