18 Floral Perfumes For Spring 2023 That Smell Like A Fresh Bouquet

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

These are the best floral perfumes to shop for spring 2023 & beyond, from Ellis Brooklyn, Tom Ford, ...
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Sweet springtime is days away. And as everyone starts to shed heavy layers of knits, puffers, and beyond — there’s *also* a tendency to move away from the more heavy and bold fragrances so associated with the chilly winter months.

Of course, florals for spring are a bit of a given. Though in recent years, perfumes with freshly-bloomed roses, gardenias, and more have gotten a much needed modern makeover. In other words: Not all flower-filled perfumes have that unwanted “old lady” vibe, and instead, are expressed in more youthful, sheer, gourmand, and even gender-neutral or masculine-leaning ways.

Bee Shapiro, the founder and mastermind behind Ellis Brooklyn, notes: “I've always loved the idea of a floral fragrance, but found it challenging in that it can read very mature. Flowers, growth, and renewal seem to go hand in hand with spring — but in the past, floral fragrances tended to go very powdery.” As for her brand’s latest floral-centric creation? She continues: “With Florist, I wanted to give the powerful tuberose some levity and air. I wanted this beautiful trail of scent that inspired springtime daydreams — something more akin to fresh cut flowers.”

Dreaming of a new floral perfume that is reminiscent of walking through Parisian streets with a bouquet of flowers in your arms (and perhaps a lover, too)? Say hello to your own Emily In Paris moment with 18 modern floral fragrances you need right now.


Bright and flirtatious, Florist is filled with sheer tuberose petals, warm gardenia, and a sugared honeysuckle note.


Elegant and free-spirited, Gorgeous Gardenia is brimming with sun-kissed jasmine, dewy pear, and gardenia flowers in full bloom.


Inspired by a sensual date at golden hour in Provence, France — notes of dreamy rose petal, black currant liquor, and earthy patchouli whisk you away.


A lush, tropical expression of a classic floral scent, Phloria features notes of juicy bergamot, golden gardenia, and smooth sandalwood.


A mouth-watering gourmand floral, Idôle Nectar is defined by romantic rose essence, warm caramel popcorn, and yummy bourbon vanilla.


Delicate and mature, Flora Cherrysia is defined by its elegance as notes of fruity cherry blossom petals, fresh watermelon, and a hint of powdery violet surround you.


Sensually luxe, Rose D’Amalfi is dripping with the aromas of rose water extract and Italian bergamot.


A sensually sweet bouquet, Delina is brimming with notes of playful lychee, voluminous peonies, yummy vanilla, and cozy musk.


Fresh and youthful, Giulietta is a combination of bright pink tulips, juicy green apple, and smooth vanilla orchid.


A limited edition launch, Rose Water and Vanilla smells exactly as it sounds (and is all things soft, dreamy, and sheer).


Travel to Gisou’s bee garden, as notes of dreamy lavender, blackberry leaf, and golden honey linger in your hair with this limited edition launch.


Mod Blush is soft and dream-inducing, as notes of dewy rose, carefree magnolia, and a hint of crisp pear surround your senses.


Like a decadent treat on a warm day, Daisy Love Paradise smells of earthy iris, grounded patchouli, and refreshing sorbet.


A fragrance found within a handful of the OUAI’s Parisian-chic hair care collection, Melrose Place has notes of sparkling champagne, exotic bergamot, and roses in full bloom.


A rich expression of crisp apple blossom and dewy poppy flowers, Eilish No. 2 is backed by a woody palo santo signature.


A citrusy floral perfume that is all things luxurious, Néroli features a comforting, honeyed orange blossom note.


Spritz a bit of Brazilian jasmine and sheer vanilla into your hair (and everywhere, really) with Sol de Janeiro’s ’68 Beija Flor perfume.


Modern and elegant, Good Girl Blush features notes of sunshine-filled ylang ylang and smooth vanilla.