The 12 Best Glitter Eyeshadows For All Your Holiday Looks

Time to go big with sparkly makeup.

The best glitter eyeshadow products for your holiday makeup looks.
Getty Images/Viktoriia Vyshnevetska

There are a ton of reasons to be excited for the holiday season: You're able to send gifts to your loved ones, enjoy festive flavors like peppermint mocha, and — perhaps best of all — play around with bold makeup looks (think sparkles galore). That's why your makeup bag could use one (or, hey, maybe all) of the best glitter eyeshadow products for the job.

Whether you're into rocking glitter 365 days a year or have never swiped sparkly pigment onto your lids before, the holidays are an ideal time to embrace vibrant, shimmery eyeshadows — and especially now, being that everyone's wearing face masks, which makes wearing bold lipsticks difficult. When browsing the beauty shelves, you'll find that there's a glittery eyeshadow in every shade of the rainbow, so you'll be able to find the perfect hue to match your look.

Whether you choose a more subtle, iridescent-type luster or go big with mirrored metallics (P.S., you can mix both), your lids are sure to dazzle... even if you're just wearing makeup for a Zoom happy hour. Below are 12 glitter eyeshadows that'll bring on the glitz.

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The Cream-Powder Combo

Pat McGrath is an iconic makeup artist who's garnered a cult following to her line of gorgeously pigmented makeup essentials. The EYEdols eyeshadows are cream-powder hybrids that go on smooth and deliver tantalizing, almost 3-D glitter finishes. Choose from a deep brown to brighter metallics.


The Easiest To Apply

The easiest way to add sparkle to your lids? Opt for an easy-to-swipe liquid eyeshadow, like this one from Marc Jacobs Beauty, which takes a grand total of two seconds to apply. Glittery shades range from vibrant gold to copper, pink, and bronze, all of which deliver shine that doesn't get lost in your creases.


The Mini Palette

If you want color options, go with an eyeshadow palette likes this quad by Pixi by Petra. The brand makes a number of four-part glittery eyeshadow palettes, one of which is this mix of mermaid blues that makes for an easy way to test out Meghan Markle's recent makeup look.


The Drugstore Option

Another liquid eyeshadow must-have? The e.l.f. Cosmetics sticks, which drench your lids in a quick-drying, high-impact sheen and cost the price of an oat milk latte. Try one of these gorgeous metallics — which come in colors like silver, gold, and Champagne — for all your holiday makeup looks.


The Party Palette

Urban Decay's Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow palette gives you a swoon-worthy collection of gemstone-hued shades to play around with. There's a metallic jade, a glittery copper, a royal blue, plus other dazzling shimmers that are all blendable. Plus, they're all infused with tourmaline, a crystal known for bringing good vibes.


The Iridescent Option

Rituel de Fille is known for its celestial, holographic pigments, which you can experience with one of the brand's Eye Soot products. Andromeda is a galaxy-inspired shade with hints of red, black, gold, and blue, all of which swirl together to create a glitter eyeshadow with an out-of-this-world texture.


The Glitter & Matte Combo

This cruelty-free eyeshadow palette gives you everything you need for a holiday makeup look: You get colorful glitters along with various mattes to layer with. If you're into darker shades, like violets and chocolate browns, this one's a must as it delivers serious pigment.


The Has-Everything Palette

If you want to go big with your glitter eyeshadow look, this 16-color palette has a wide range of sparkly pigments. The vegan pressed powders — which are a mix of matte and shimmery — are buildable, so you can opt for a subtle luminescence or layer on the glitter.


The Portable Option

The Kosas 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow gets its name because it literally takes that long to dress your lids up in vivid shimmer. Though it's a liquid formula, it dries quickly, and you can layer it on until you've got the level of glitter you're looking for. The soft violet "333" shade is a stunner, but you can pick from other colors like Champagne, gold, cobalt blue, and burgundy.


The Light-Reflecting Option

There are actually light-reflecting pearls within each pot of glittery Hourglass eyeshadow. The super-light formula creates dimension, and you can go for a sheer layer of sparkles or an opaque finish, in either the cranberry Rapture shade or the brand's other beautiful hues.


The Gemstone-Hued Liquid

All you need is a dollop of this shimmery liquid to get iridescent sheen. The Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment comes in gemstone-inspired shades like tiger's eye, a glittery amethyst, teal, lavender, and more, all of which up the ante of your holiday makeup look.


The Metallic Option

For a more metallic-style glitter effect, Tarte's Chrome Paint Shadow creates a mirrored effect on your lids that radiates shine. There's a wide range of chrome hues to choose from, including frosé, a rose gold, and a spectacularly bold bronze. The pearl pigments in the formula are gentle on the eyes, too, meaning your holiday look won't cause any tears.