The 19 Best OPI Nail Polish Colors, According To Manicurists

Here’s why the iconic nail brand is beloved by experts.

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When you think of nail polish, chances are high that one of the first brands you think of is OPI. The iconic nail brand has built a loyal fanbase of beauty lovers and experts over the decades and despite the influx of emerging brands that launch every year, OPI polish remains at the top of the game. But the reason for this isn’t luck or a viral TikTok. It’s much more simple than that.

“OPI listens to its customer base and provides products that meet the customer's needs,” says celebrity manicurist and educator Mimi D. “ People have come to know OPI and trust that what they're buying is a quality product.”

Founded in 1981, OPI has been offering consumers a wide variety of nail polish shades (with fun catchy names as a nice added touch) that outdo a lot competitors. It has expanded its portfolio over the years to include gel, press-on, dip powder, and vegan options to keep innovation exciting. But what keeps people coming back time and time again is the high quality you get from any one of its products.

“They serve everyone — the nail artist, the consumer, and the salon owner,” says CEO of Nailing Hollywood and celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna. “From the brand’s inception, they disrupted the market by providing a broad spectrum of colors when nobody else was doing it. Their color range was what got them on the map, and their high quality and accessible price point are what kept them there. And the fact that their quality remained intact for nearly three decades — even after an acquisition — is truly impressive.”

“OPI is a great quality brand,” adds Los Angeles-based nail artist Hang Nguyen. [It] continuously keeps collections new and trendy fresh as well as maintain true to [its] cult classic favorites.”

If you’ve been curious to see what the experts actually like to use, scroll down to see 19 OPI nail polish colors that Mimi D, Hanna, Nguyen, celebrity nail artist Arlene Hinckson, and Los Angeles-based celebrity nail artist Yvett Garcia love.


Tickle My Francey

Celebrity nail artist Arlene Hinckson, who calls OPI’s formulas “clutch AF” for professionals looking for a polish they can rely on, says an absolute favorite shade of hers is this barely-there mauve neutral. The subtle color makes for a great everyday go-to. “It’s a soft palette cleanser, perfect for when you’ve been getting back-to-back art or bold shades,” she says.


Grab The Unicorn By The Horn

“This shade is candy for your nails and looks awesome on toes, too,” says Hinckson. “Its cool universal shade looks good on all skin tones and can be worn any season.”


Do You Take Lei Away?

One of Hang’s favorite OPI nail polish colors is this creamy pale pink shade. She says it’s just one of many pink and bare shades from the brand that can serve as a base layer for nail art or be worn on its own.


Alpaca My Bags

“[This] literally comes to life on brown [skin],” says Hinckson. “It’s such a great shade of bluey-green and the shine is unbelievable. It’s ageless, genderless, and always a good choice for a person that just loves who they are.”


Big Apple Red

Long live the red nail theory. Mimi D. names this bright cherry red polish as one of her favorites from the brand.



A neutral shade that she always gravitates toward, Garcia says this light pink has one of the best streak-free, sheer formulas.


Put It In Neutral

Another great base shade is this pale sheer pink. “It’s the perfect neutral shade and looks gorgeous on every skin tone, nail shape, and length,” says Hanna. “It’s also the perfect shade to use as a base for French manicures, negative space nail art designs, etc.”


Tile Art To Warm Your Heart

Electric and bold enough to stand on its own, Garcia calls this hue “hands down one of my favorite blues” and says it’s “just the perfect shade for everyone.”


Bubble Bath

Another pick from Hang, Bubble Bath is a more sheer base to give you a barely-there color and shine.


Malaga Wine

If you’re looking to incorporate Viva Magenta (aka Pantone’s color of the year), Mimi D. suggests one of her favorite shades, Malaga Wine. She describes it as a “deep, rich magenta hue.”


Lincoln Park After Dark

“[This] will always be my ride-or-die winter shade,” says Hanna. “The mysterious is-it-brown-is-it-purple-or-is-it-black shade is chic and always in style.”


Tiramisu For Two

Garcia says this sheer base color has an undertone that matches all skin tones.


Funny Bunny

Whether you want a classic French manicure or a full-coverage winter white shade, opt for Funny Bunny. One of Hang’s favorite OPI nail polish colors, it’s a soft creamy white that goes with any look.


Duomo Days, Isola Nights

There’s just something mesmerizing about midnight blue nails. It’s why Mimi D. highlights this as one of her favorite OPI polish colors. “It's a deep blue shade that's amazing for something dark, but not black,” she says.


Cajun Shrimp

“This deeply pigmented and borderline neon color is as upbeat as it gets,” says Hanna. “It’s a classic reddish-pinkish-orangeish shade that looks good on everyone.”


Brown To Earth

A shade that Mimi D. fell in love with immediately, this dark chocolate shade is an instant classic if you’re looking for something deep and moody.


My Italian Is A Little Rusty

Can orange be a neutral shade? Mimi D. says absolutely. This is a muted burnt orange with a glossy finish that looks stunning on pretty much anyone.


Gelato On My Mind

Another pick from Mimi D., Gelato On My Mind is a cool icy light blue shade for something fun and bright.


Platinum Eclipse

For the ultimate OPI shimmer polish, Mimi D. recommends Platinum Eclipse. She describes it as a silver magnetic polish that you can use in countless ways, from velvet nails to the cat eye nail trend.

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