The 8 Trendiest Nail Polish Colors To Wear Right Now

Including fuchsia and fiery red.

After what felt like an eternity of being stuck in the house, 2021 was the year to show up and show out with your fashion and beauty. You might have even swapped sweatpants and t-shirts in favor of bright and playful looks. That shift was probably reflected in your go-to nail polish colors as well.

Nail trends were all about bold, statement hues. Sunshine-filled shades like yellow and dramatic, dark hues like matte black were all over your socials. Whether you love a statement nail with elaborate art or a simple mani with one polish, there was a nail color trend perfect for you. All in all, last year was a great time for your fingertips.

Thankfully, pros are predicting that nail polish trends in 2022 will be just as exciting. Like this past year, having fun and channeling your inner artist will be the manicure standard. The new year will see many of the shades you know and love, like neutral shades and sparkling metallics. But it will also include a few colors that wouldn’t be your first pick for your nails — like periwinkle and mint green.

Not sure what the new year has in store for your nail beds? Bustle tapped Rachel James, founder of Pear Nova, and Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder and head of brand of Tenoverten, to help you navigate nail polish trends in 2022. Here are eight shades that will have you calling your manicurist ASAP.



James expects to see people gravitate towards “bold and muted colors that symbolize energy, balance, confidence, and calmness like fuchsia.” The bright shade works during every season, and it’s one of James’ polish shades to watch in 2022.


Mint Green

James predicts that mint green manicures will take over your timelines in 2022. The refreshing shade looks great solo, but it can also add an unexpected element of color to your nail art.



Purple’s not-so-basic cousin periwinkle will be a must-try nail polish shade in 2022, according to both James and Abramcyk. The color looks gorgeous on all skin tones, and is a great shade to integrate into your nail design.



Rip a page from Beyoncé’s book and experiment with metallic nails next year. Abramcyk says she’s expecting to see glitzy silvers and bold golds throughout this year. Wear these eye-catchy shades to dress up for a fancy event or to spice up your day-to-day nail look.



Neutral nails never go out of style, but James says to expect to see them all over your timelines throughout 2022. If you’re bored with traditional beiges and soft pinks, try adding a chromatic top coat for a fresh, unexpected effect.



Want to rock the dark nail trend but hesitant about wearing black? Say hello to navy blue — the perfect gateway into darker hues on your fingertips.


Fiery Red

Make a statement in 2022 with race car red nails. The retro shade looks great on short or long nails, and is a playful way to draw attention to your fingertips.


Sky Blue

Another shade of blue that you’ll see all over your timelines is sky blue. The pretty pastel is an underrated classic that works all year round (not just in spring).