The 8 Best Plus-Size Period Panties You Can Find On Amazon

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Investing in some period panties is a great idea, regardless of your size. But it isn't always easy to find plus-size options. The best plus-size period panties are not only available in inclusive sizes but are as comfortable and fashionable as everyday underwear, while still providing enough layers of absorbent, leakproof fabric to help you feel comfy and secure.

What To Look For When Buying Plus-Size Period Panties

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for period panties. The first thing to consider is your absorbency needs. Are you looking for underwear to completely replace other menstrual products, even during the heaviest parts of your cycle, or are you just looking for some additional backup? Most brands measure their absorbency in milliliters and/or their equivalency in regular tampons (which hold about 6 to 9 milliliters each). It’s also important to think of where you need absorbent fabric. Some styles of period panties only have protection in the crotch, while others have an absorbent layer that fully runs from front to back.

The next thing to think about is comfort, of course, and your preferred style of panty. Do you like thongs or boy shorts? High-waisted briefs or bikini cut underwear? There are great plus-size styles in all of those categories here.

Fabric is also an important factor in period panties. [Most period panties are made partly with cotton or a bamboo-rayon blend. If you want a little extra stretch for bloated days, look for a pair that includes a hint of spandex or elastane. Some shoppers may prefer options made with organic materials or with third-party certifications, like Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, which means they’ve been tested to ensure they’re free of substances that are harmful to humans. You’ll find some of the picks below check off one of these boxes, in addition to being absorbent and comfy.

Whether you're looking to become more eco-friendly or just need a little bit of backup on extra-heavy days of your cycle, these plus-size period panties are the best that Amazon has to offer.

Shop The Best Plus-Size Period Panties

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best plus-size period panties.

  1. The Overall Best Plus-Size Period Panties: Bambody Absorbent Panty
  2. The Best Super Absorbent Plus-Size Period Panties: Period. By The Period Company Bikini Super Absorbent Panty
  3. The Best Plus-Size Period Sleep Shorts: Goat Union Overnight Period Shorts


These Plus-Size Period Panties That Look & Feel Like Classic Underwear

Absorbency: Up to 2 tampons’ worth

The details: With over 10,000 five-star reviews, these absorbent panties are loved by Amazon shoppers. They come in a range of sizes up to 6X-Large, which can fit a hip up to 56 1/2 inches wide. These underwear have four layers of fabric; the main body is made from a soft bamboo rayon, then there are three layers of cotton and rayon, including a leakproof layer that fully extends from front to back, a discreet black layer to hide stains, and an absorbent layer. These panties have all that protection while looking like any other pair of underwear in your drawer.

According to a reviewer: “THESE UNDERWEAR ARE AMAZING!!!!!! I got through a day at home, a day at work (12 hours as a nurse in a busy Emergency Room), and two sleeps and between the Saalt Soft Cup and these underwear, NO LEAKS on my clothes or sheets, and no raw skin from pads. And not smelly or anything like I worried. They are machine wash warm, air dry. Easy peasy.”

  • Available sizes: XX-Small – 6X-Large
  • Available styles: 8 (including packs of 2 and 3)


This Value-Pack Of Period Panties With Full Coverage From Front To Back

Absorbency: Up to 2 tampons’ worth

The details: This three-pack of period underwear costs the same as (or less than) just one pair from other brands, making these a great budget-friendly option to get you through several days of your menstrual cycle. Like the Bambody panty, these mid-rise briefs come in up to a 6X-Large, which fits a hip up to 57 inches.

As far as comfort goes, reviewers noted that the viscose-spandex body is soft and stretchy. Meanwhile, the 100% cotton absorbent lining and polyester/PUL fabric in the leakproof layer will hold up to two tampons’ worth of blood and other discharge, making these great as a backup on heavier days or all-day wear during lighter ones. The absorbent and leakproof layers fully go up the back but end in the crotch.

According to a reviewer: “These are great and work exactly as I expected. I wear pads with them and they absorb any would-be period leaks. I really love them for sleeping because I move a lot and used to have to sleep on a towel. But now there is no towel needed with these. I also found them comfortable and their sizing is accurate. Finally, I love how affordable they are. I've seen other products and wanted to try them but was put off by their high price for just one pair. For the same price here, you get three pairs.”

  • Available sizes: Small – 6X-Large
  • Available styles: 3


The Cotton Period Shorts That You Can Wear As Pajamas

Absorbency: Up to 3 to 4 tampons’ worth

The details: With main materials that are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, these period shorts offer five layers of protection, including an absorbent layer of a polyester-nylon blend and a leakproof layer made of 100% polyester coated with waterproof TPU. The fabric is moisture wicking and breathable, and the leakproof layer runs fully from front to back, so you can feel comfortable wearing these as your main period protection.

Their ability to hold four tampons’ worth of blood and discharge also means they’re great for overnight wear, even during heavier times of your cycle. Of course, you can also wear these high-waisted underwear beneath clothing too, if you prefer. These run from a large (equal to U.S. sizes 12 to 14) to 4X-Large, which can fit hips up to 56 inches, or about the same as a U.S. size 26.

According to a reviewer: “I have tried several different period undies, and these are by far the best. They are so comfy, and the shorts style helps me feel confident that they won't leak. I put them to the test, too. I wore them to work on my heaviest day (I'm a nurse) and took pads and a backup pair of undies with me just in case. I wasn't able to get to the bathroom much that day, but they worked so well! I got through most of the shift before I changed them. They never leaked, but I felt a little wet and also just felt like any hygiene method should be changed regularly whether they are leaking or not. They have also worked perfectly overnight, making sleeping while on my period comfortable and carefree for once!”

  • Available sizes: X-Small – 4X-Large
  • Available colors: 1


These Period Panties With Mesh Sides From A Beloved Brand

Absorbency: Up to 4 tampons’ worth

The details: Perhaps the brand that most think about when it comes to period panties, Thinx makes these high-waisted menstrual underwear that can hold up to 36 milliliters’ worth of blood and discharge, which makes them a fantastic option to wear overnight or on days with a heavier flow. The size range of X-Small to 4X may look less inclusive than that of other panties on this list, but according to the brand’s website, the 4X actually fits hips up to 59 inches in diameter (or about a jean size of 30), and Amazon shoppers reported that these fit true to size.

These underwear hit at your natural waist and have breathable mesh on the sides made from a blend of polyamide and elastane, so they have some stretch to them. Meanwhile, the full front-to-back gusset is made of two layers: one with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and another with polyester. The fabrics are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, so you can trust they’re free from harmful substances, which is useful for something that will be worn in sensitive areas. The design is a little less subtle than others on the list, but it still allows you to show off some style while protecting your clothing and any furniture from leaks.

According to a reviewer: “They fit as expected and are comfortable enough for every day wear. The absorbency is amazing. I was able to wear them overnight and into the morning before I changed out of them to shower. I’m getting two more pairs.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small – 4X
  • Available styles: 3


The Period Panties That Can Hold 8 to 10 Tampons' Worth

Absorbency: Up to 8 to 10 tampons’ worth

The details: For ultra-heavy days or overnight wear, these super absorbent bikini panties have five layers of fabric, including a layer of cotton/spandex, two absorbent layers of polyester, one layer of leakproof polyester PUL, and a final “body” layer of organic cotton and spandex.

According to the brand’s website, their fabrics have been tested by a third party vendor, Intertek, to ensure they are free of toxins. The absorbent gusset doesn’t go fully from front to back, but it does offer 8 inches of protection, which the brand claims is more than the standard-size pad.

These bikini-style briefs have an elastic waistband for comfort and the crotch is black, which allows these to be a more discreet option. In terms of sizing, these go up to 6X, which can fit a hip up to 61 inches.

According to a reviewer: “They are comfortable, they don't look bulky under clothes (which, who am I kidding, I was wearing oversized sweatpants anyways) and most importantly, they work! I was hesitant to try them alone, so I waited until day 2, when I don't feel completely like a bottle of ketchup. No leaks, no icky wet feeling, no smell, nothing. Super happy with this pair, and actually feel like I probably could wear them on the first day of shark week.”

  • Available sizes: Large – 6X
  • Available colors: 5


A 3-Pack Of Cotton Period Panties With A High-Waist Design

Absorbency: Up to 0.5 tampons’ worth

The details: At just $9 a pair, this three-pack of high-waisted period underwear is one of the best deals on this list. These are the best option for those who prefer cotton panties; they feature a main layer of fabric with 95% cotton and a touch of spandex for stretch, a 100% cotton absorbent layer, and a dark 100% cotton lining in the crotch area for added discreetness. The only non-cotton layer here is the leakproof PUL fabric, which is weaved into the absorbent layer.

These cotton panties offer minimal protection and are best used for light days or as an accompaniment to a tampon or pad, and unlike with some other options, the absorbent layer doesn’t fully extend from front to back.

With a comfortable high-waist fit and a tagless design, these look and feel like normal underwear, according to reviewers, however the sizing only goes up to a 5X-Large, which fits hips up to 51 1/2 inches, making these less size inclusive than other brands.

According to a reviewer: “The reason I chose to order these to add to my period panty collection was the waist band. Everything is uncomfortable during that time of the month and the thicker waist band makes it much more comfortable especially sleeping on nights when cramps are raging. Another thing I liked better about them is the absorbency. The other set I have, I notice the wetness when I pull them up after using the bathroom. It is not near as noticeable with these. I normally wear my period panties with a cup, but during my first period of wearing these, I did not. Only on my heaviest day did I feel the need to change it during the day. (I change it before bed and wear a different pair to bed.)”

  • Available sizes: X-Small – 5X-Large
  • Available styles: 7


This Period Thong That You Can Wear On Extra Light Days

Absorbency: Up to 1 tampons’ worth

The details: Ideal for wearing on those days when you’re not sure if your period is really starting (or ending), this Thinx period thong looks and feels like a standard thong, with a lacy waistband that still has plenty of stretch thanks to the fabric blend that features 16% elastane and 84% polyamide. The gusset is made of absorbent layers of cotton/elastane and polyester, which help give a little extra coverage when you need it without being bulky.

Like with other Thinx products, the fabrics of this pair meet Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. Sizing runs up to a 4X that will fit those with a 59-inch hip (which is about a 30W pant size according to U.S. sizes).

According to a reviewer: “It has the perfect protection for days you think you might start your period, or for days you aren’t sure it’s over! Sometimes I have heavy discharge and this is a great option to use instead of panty liners. I found that liners and pads move but these always stay in place.”

  • Available sizes: XX-Small – 4X
  • Available colors: 2