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Billie Eilish's Optical Illusion Sneakers Are Sparking A Debate

Are they pink or green?

Billie Eilish Optical Illusion
Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember “the dress?” Was it blue and black? Or white and gold? Truly, you may never know. Now, the internet is on the verge of breaking over another color debate and this time, it's Billie Eilish's optical illusion sneakers causing the uproar. Her kicks are, in fact, mint green and white, but fans everywhere can’t help but see them as light pink and white instead.

Eilish took to Instagram, posting a video of the Nike sneakers causing the debate, saying, “You guys are all my f***ing dad. Years ago, I was wearing these shoes and my dad’s like, ‘wow those shoes are so cool, what are those, like pink and white?’ PINK AND WHITE?” Throughout the story, she even compared the tones against other sneakers in her massive sneaker collection, maintaining that the color looked more white than pink.

Twitter has, of course, been flooded by opinions on both sides of the debate, just like in the case of "the dress." One user writes, “at first I saw pink and white, but now I see the mint and white—in conclusion: BILLIE EILISH CAN MAKE ME BELIEVE ANYTHING.” Yet another shared, “Every time I look at Billie Eilish’s story, those shoes are a different colour.”

And, while the discussion is certainly going to continue raging, let it be known that the description on the sneaker’s StockX listing does, in fact, align with Eilish's version of events, stating: “They come in a barley green and white colorway."

It seems, however, that the color is in the eye of the beholder with this one.