Braid A Minute

23 Blonde Box Braids To Keep In Rotation This Summer

We dare you to choose just one.

by Natasha Marsh

Protective hairstyles — hairstyles that protect the shaft and ends of the hair — are a big part of the natural hair community. Among wigs, weaves, dreadlocs, twists, and braids, box braids (braids that are sectioned off into boxes) are one of the most popular styles. There is so much you can do with box braids — they’re not just functional and stylish, but also give our hair a break from daily styling (think: heat, combing, and shampooing) and manipulation.

Protective styles like box braids protect the natural hair from being harmed, while also allowing you to experiment with different colors. And this summer, blonde box braids are leading the trend. Whether you go for a full head of blonde or incorporate chunky and micro highlights to your box braids, you’ll love the versatility in styling options that the braids will award you. To help you find the blonde box braids right for you, Bustle curated a list of 23 blonde box braids for you to consider. Good luck choosing just one.

Light Brown Box Braids

For those who don’t want to stray from the original style, opt for brown box braids with lighter pieces.

Cornrow Box Braids

Why settle for one style when you can incorporate two? With box braids in a cornrow bun, add in extensions to the ends or over the pony for this Y2K throwback.

Golden Hour

This summer, match your box braids to the glowing sushine that comes with the season.

Double Box Braid

For a fun take on the trend, add blonde highlights and braid your box braids.

Platinum Box Braids

Stand out this summer with extra-large box braid and platinum extensions.

Jumbo Bun

For special occasions, look no further than this braided updo. Keep an edge styler on hand to really land the look.

Half Up, Half Down

For busy on-the-go days, split your hair in two with this half-up, half-down style.

Beaded Royalty

Why settle for traditional blonde box braids when you can add in beads for a head-turning look?

Unique Ends

For those that aren’t quite ready to make the commitment, dip into the trend with blonde ends.

Double Trouble

Appearing silver or blonde depending on where the sun hits, you can't go wrong with these Jada-approved box braids.

‘00s Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights are a nod to the early ’00s. Add some to your box braids to brighten things up.

Classic Highlights

Whether you're naturally blonde, have highlights, or jet-black hair, adding blonde extensions is a fun way to add a little flair to your box braids.

Crown Halo

Another great protective style is a halo braid. Combine the two for the ultimate style.

Accessorize It

Update your blonde box braids with hair accessories that match your outfit.

Heart Of The Matter

Add in braid art like this heart for a modern update on blonde box braids.

The More The Merrier

Enjoy your hair up, down, to the side, or loose with these long blonde box braids.

Bob Box Braids

Although getting long extensions is popular for box braids, go ‘90s with this throwback bob.

Hang Time

Showcase your blonde box braids with all the length your heart desires.

The Higher The Hair

And for those that love length and want full blonde, opt for these medium size box braids.

Side Part It

Switch things up by splitting your part down the side and leave the braids hanging down.

Fringe Power

Who said box braids can’t have bangs too? A braided fringe looks even cooler with this black/blonde ombre effect.

Top Knot It

The great thing about blonde box braids is all the styles you can create — like this half up, half topknot style.

Micro Box Braids

Sometimes the best things come in small packages, like these micro-blonde box braids.