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Bridgerton Created A Jaw-Dropping Moment With Season 3’s Swan Wig

It was two years in the making.

Queen Charlotte wears a stunning swan wig in 'Bridgerton' Season 3.
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Every Bridgerton episode brings incredible fashion moments. Over three seasons, the Netflix series has offered up new corset inspiration, pushed the pastel agenda, and even made “Bridgerton boob” happen. It’s impossible to watch without admiring the sartorial splendor, especially when Queen Charlotte and her wigs take over the screen.

With half of Season 3 now streaming, Golda Rosheuvel’s character has already snatched the fashion crown. It’s not a surprise to have Queen Charlotte rise above the rest, but this time, Bridgerton really outdid itself. Her swan wig in Season 3, Episode 4 created the most jaw-dropping fashion moment in the series so far.

Queen Charlotte’s Swan Wig

In the episode, Queen Charlotte hosts a ball where she hopes to see her “sparkler” of the London season, Francesca Bridgerton (Hannah Dodd), connect with the suitor she handpicked. But, honestly, she’s the true sparkler. As the queen oversees the event, she steals the show in a sky-high wig that’s hallowed out to show glass swans circling around a nature scene.

Bridgerton diehards first glimpsed the extravagant hairpiece in a promo clip in April and were blown away. Hair and makeup designer Erika Ökvist then went on to tease via Shondaland that she’d been saving the idea for a ball “suited for it.”

How The Wig Works

The swan wig was a dream of Ökvist’s even in the early days of Season 2. She knew that clockwork existed as far back as the 1200s, so she thought it would be possible to have moving swans in a wig in the 1820s, when Bridgerton is set. However, instead of using a Regency era-appropriate wind-up device to power it, she used a “little motor” that was controlled by a switch under Rosheuvel’s arm.

“The most difficult thing this whole season was making that clock go around so quiet that a soundperson wasn’t going to be angry with me,” Ökvist said.

Rosheuvel told Refinery 29 the wig was “surprisingly not heavy” and confirmed it was two years in the making. She was thrilled Ökvist finally got to realize her vision. “I’m really proud and really happy that we managed to have that celebration for Erica because she’s an amazing hair and makeup designer,” she told the outlet.

More Season 3 is coming on June 13, but it’ll be hard, if not impossible, to top the swan wig.