This Quirky Competition Show Will Make You Realize The True Power Of Lipstick


Lipstick is the finishing touch to any makeup look. Whether it’s a power red lip, a dark black pout, or a subtle pink pucker, the perfect lipstick is the quintessential cherry on top for beauty lovers. Well, that undying love of lippies is put to the ultimate test in the third installment of Bustle’s Race 2 Face. And it's definitely a heated competition show you want to watch.

Episode 3 of the quirky challenge series is devoted entirely to lipstick, testing two contestants on their vast and varied lippie knowledge. In the episode, host and New York City drag queen Ruby Roo — whose drag name just so happens to echo the wildly popular MAC lipstick Ruby Woo — takes two masterful makeup artists through an intense uphill beauty battle. And it's all in an ode to lovely shades of lipstick.

Contestants Brianna, a makeup artist and social media maven who loves bunnies, and Tyhree, a former athlete turned makeup artist with an affinity for foundation, take on challenge after challenge to prove they are the ultimate beauty queen. Both talented women certainly know their stuff, so it's truly anyone's game. After all, all's fair in love and lipstick.


The Hide and Sleek obstacles are plenty in this episode of your favorite beauty battle royal. First up is the Lipstick Crawl, with one brave contestant climbing through gooey pink lipstick to collect products for the final challenge. Next is the messy Foundation Dip, which leaves one contestant slipping and sliding through puddles of makeup base. The last Hide and Sleek obstacle is the Mascara Bash, which leaves one contestant covered in messy black mascara — but rich in plentiful products for the final challenge.

Now about that final battle. Our two makeup pros are asked to create a show stopping makeup look using just lip products. That's right. No foundation, no eyeshadow, and no mascara. The resourceful women only have lip products collected in the three obstacles to make a look worthy of being crowned the winner. Talk about a challenge.

The judges — Bustle Editor-in-Chief Kate Ward, Bustle Deputy Editor of Fashion & Beauty Kara McGrath, and Bustle Senior Fashion Market Editor Gabby Prescod — are given their chance to weigh in on the final looks before picking a winner. And the beauty editors with a keen eye for detail certainly don't hold back.

For the tough task, Brianna goes for an alien editorial vibe, complete with a smokey blue statement lip.

“It looks a little bit like a kid who just ate a popsicle,” Bustle's Editor-in-Chief Kate Ward says in the episode. “But it also has some Kate Winslet on the door after the Titanic vibe to it.”


Tyhree, on the other hand, opts for a natural glowy look that stays in this stratosphere. With a lip gloss highlight and a chic wearability, Thyree decides to go more everyday glam than editorial bam!

“I’m so impressed by this entire look,” Bustle's Senior Fashion Market Editor Gabby Prescod says in the episode. “It’s definitely what I want to go for when I go for a natural look, and you created it just with lipstick.”

Do you want to know who is named the ultimate beauty queen and the main leading lady in Lipstick Land? Check out the full episode to see how all the makeup mayhem goes down. You certainly won't look at your collection of lovely lipsticks the same way ever again.

Bustle's Race 2 Face is the ultimate competition show for beauty lovers, with new episodes airing on Facebook every Monday. You can watch Race 2 Face Episode 3 now. Ready, set, GLOW!