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Camila Cabello Wore Nothing But A $19K Faux Fur On The Cover Of Billboard

It’s giving diva energy.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 28: Camila Cabello visits the SiriusXM Studios on March 28, 2024 in ...
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It seems Camila Cabello is serving a whole new side of sexy on the latest Billboard cover. Gone are the days of sugary pop anthems and matching Fifth Harmony outfits — this is Cabello 2.0, and she's here to turn heads.

Let's be honest, fans have all watched Cabello transform from the sweet-faced 16-year-old leading Fifth Harmony to the confident solo artist she is today. We saw glimpses of this newfound boldness at the Met Gala this year, where she embraced her sexy side in a daring plunge neckline metallic Ludovic de Saint Sernin dress. Remember the after-party pics with Lil Nas X, where she rocked a latex LBD that screamed "party with a pop star"? Yeah, Cabello is clearly comfortable pushing boundaries and having fun with fashion.

Camila’s Sultry Billboard Cover

Shot by the talented Erica Hernández and styled by Jared Ellner, the "I Luv It" singer absolutely owns the look in a luscious berry pink faux fur coat by Gucci. And seeing as similar coats, straight from the Italian house’s runway, have sold for a whopping $19K this piece of art isn’t for sale.

Billboard/Erica Hernández

Forget layering the jacket over a boring tee; instead, Cabello gives us full-on diva, rocking the statement piece solo. The platinum blonde hair framing her face adds a touch of Hollywood glamour, and the only accessory she needs is a killer attitude (though the sparkly Harlot Hands rings are a nice touch).

The shoot location? A vintage car parked on an L.A. street, naturally. Because what's a fierce outfit without a fierce backdrop, right? This isn't your average faux fur moment... it's a full-blown "look at me" power move, and I’m absolutely here for it.

This Billboard cover feels like the culmination of an evolution. It's a declaration of independence, a shedding of the innocent pop princess persona, and an embrace of her inner rockstar. It's also a perfect way to gear up for the release of her upcoming album, "C,XOXO." With this kind of energy radiating from the cover, I can only imagine the fire the album itself will bring.