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Why Fans Think Chlöe Wore A Spoon To The VMAs

It sparked a ton of questions.

Chlöe Bailey's VMAs 2021 red carpet look sparked conversation, from the fabric to the interesting an...
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Following the release of her debut single “Have Mercy,” fans waited in anticipation for Chlöe to arrive at the 2021 Video Music Awards. And her outfit certainly sparked a conversation and a myriad of questions to follow.

Chlöe walked the red carpet alongside sister and former duet partner Halle Bailey. As the wind blew on the red carpet, the eldest sister posed in a flowy metallic dress paired with matching black and silver platforms. It was tin foil hat meets red carpet elegance, a walking Moon person trophy in action.

What fans had real questions about, however, was what hung around Chlöe’s neck: some sort of antique spoon. Yes, seriously. Needless to say, the ensemble raised a few eyebrows and sparked plenty of tweets. Did it have a deeper meaning? Was it a family heirloom? Was it simply for a reaction?

It’s tough to say. Chlöe’s dress is from Marni’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection — and yes, the spoon was intentional as a “a pandemic-era reminder of the simple pleasure of breaking bread with friends,” according to Glamour. And, TBH, that’s a message the world can relate to.

Many thought the spoon was representative of the way Chlöe was about to eat the stage with her debut VMA performance — and honestly, seeing as how great that went, that theory tracks. She ate ’em up, just as expected.

Read on for more reactions to Chlöe’s VMAs outfit.

No, It Wasn’t Photoshop!

No, your eyes did not deceive you! The spoon is really there.

Eat It Up, Baby

Fitting since we’re hungry for more Chlöe, TBH.

Some Sister Loving, Maybe?

Perhaps it was representative of her sister’s role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid... maybe.

Nothing Like Some 1800s Nostalgia

That’s a whole vibe.

A Preview Of Her Performance, Maybe?

Cooking up something special, that’s for sure.

A Whole Meal!

Dinner is served!

She Came, She Served, She Conquered

Ate ’em up, baby!

This Is A Case For The FBI

Don’t worry, friends, SpongeBob is on the case.

It’s A Statement, OK!

It has us all talking, doesn’t it? Goal achieved.

Come To The Cookout

How long till this turns into a production of Beauty and the Beast?

Is It Miranda Priestly-Approved?

The devil wears... silverware.

A Sister-Sister Plan?

OK, now wait, this may be it.

Her Take On Camp

If only she could have worn it to the 2019 Met Gala.

It’s Art!

Let’s hang it in the Louvre.

A Literary Genius

I would very much like to study the spoon’s significance in my next English class.