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Chloe x Halle Can't Get Enough Of These 2000s Fashion Trends

Plus, all the details on their new collab with Victoria’s Secret.

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Chloe and Halle talk 2000s fashion trends and their Victoria's Secret Pink collection launch.
Courtesy Victoria's Secret PINK

Chloe x Halle are officially venturing into the design world. The Grammy-winning sisters are teaming up with Victoria’s Secret PINK on a collection inspired by their most personal work.

The line of limited-edition, one-size tees features some of their most empowering lyrics like, “Let’s find the gold at the end of the rainbow” and, “Do it for the girls all around the world.” Available to shop online now, they’re priced at $29.95 and come in one size that fits small to extra large.

“It truly means everything to us to see our lyrics printed on these T-shirts,” Chloe and Halle said in a statement. “It’s still so surreal that these lyrics — that were written as private thoughts in our own songwriting diary entries — are now words being used to help so many others try to stay positive through it all.”

To celebrate the launch, PINK is making a $75,000 donation to the Sad Girls Club, the sisters’ charity of choice. The nonprofit works to diminish the stigma around mental health for women of color and the millennial and Gen Z populations.

“This organization means the world to us because they’re not only helping the youth of today, but the work they’re doing is going to impact many generations to come,” they continued.

The duo says they hope the clothing serves as a confidence boost to the wearer, inspiring positivity and contentment. “Certain clothes speak to the soul in more ways than one. These pieces in this collection help us feel powerful and comfortable in our own skin.”

Quarantine inspired people to embrace loungewear like never before, and a few of the sisters’ favorite laid-back pieces include the VS Pink lace bralettes, biker shorts, and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts: “They’re cute, let airflow in, but the exposed neck provides an opportunity to accessorize with layered jewelry.”

When they’re not relaxing in cozy everyday essentials, they know how to have a high-fashion moment, and frequently are spotted channeling 2000s style.

Chloe tells Bustle that her personal style “is a lot of just being myself and being comfortable, but also not being afraid to be bold and put yourself out there,” noting that 2000s-style bright colors and bodycon dresses are her look of choice.

Halle gravitates toward ’90s and 2000s styles, opting for “a flowy dress, skirt, baggy T-shirt — anything that I feel lets my soul breathe,” she says.

Here, Chloe and Halle walk Bustle through the 2000s going-out trends they can’t get enough of.

Low-Rise Denim With Exposed Underwear

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“Looove love love this one,” says Chloe. “It says, ‘I’m cute and sexy but also a little edgy, so don’t mess with me.’”

Sequin Tops

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“We love a good sequin top, it just has to be styled right. You definitely have to make it the statement piece of the outfit. We like to pair it with some good skinny jeans, some heels, or that cute maxi skirt.”

Platform Sandals

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“So amazing for us short girls!” Halle says. “We love a bit of extra height — and you can never go wrong with a sandal.”

Bandage Dresses

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“Always in style — bandage dresses so get the job done,” Chloe says. “We love how it shows off your curves.”

Bubble Skirts

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“Super cute when styled correctly,” Chloe says. “Love to see people wearing a cute baggy sweatshirt with a bubble skirt.”

Baguette Bags

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“We love baguette bags! Perfect with your outfit, but also for when you need to hold your phone or car keys.”

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