15 Cyber Sigilism Tattoo Ideas That Scream Y2K

Lower back tat, anyone?

The moment you lay eyes on a cyber sigilism tattoo, you’re immediately transported back to the early 2000s when the world was falling in love with all things digital. It’s been a minute since the world has seen these futuristic-looking tats, but their symmetrical, Y2K-era computer vibes are having a moment again.

With over 91 million views on TikTok, cyber sigilism tattoos ideas are officially back. The design got its start as a unique take on the traditional tribal style that was big in the early 2000s, says Mario Barth, a celebrity tattoo artist and owner of Starlight Tattoo. “The cyber sigilism tattoo is a more delicate form,” he tells Bustle.

The lines and symmetrical designs of the aesthetic bring to mind computers, but cyber sigilism also has roots in the heavy metal scene, says Barth, since many tats have an almost thorny look to them that fit that vibe. These tats are metal, they’re graphic, they’re digital, they’re symmetrical — and somehow dainty all at once.

If you look closely at a cyber sigilism tattoo, you might notice that some spell a word or have a hidden message. “You really have to look closely to read it, which is why these tattoos are so personal for the wearer,” says Barth. Below are 15 cyber sigilism tattoos ideas to give you inspiration for your next piece.


Cyber Butterfly

According to Lorena Lorenzo, a tattoo artist and owner of Indigo ArTattoos, cyber sigilism tattoos scream Y2K because they look like they were done by a computer. “The lines form various shapes and are done delicately, creating a clean and sharp look,” she tells Bustle. They’re also often molded into an image, like this butterfly.



For a taste of the digital artwork vibe, opt for a smaller design like this one featuring two jagged lines on the torso.


Lower Back Tat

Lower back tattoos are also having a resurgence. Thanks to the equally Y2K vibes, it’s the perfect spot for this style of ink.


Stomach Tat

As cyber sigilism tattoos make a comeback, the designs are becoming more complex and elaborate than ever. “They play more with the contour and shape of the body,” says Lorenzo — case in point above — which is a large part of the appeal.



Go with a fairycore-style butterfly for all the late ’90s, early 2000s feels.


Cyber Heart

Many tats in this category pair a heart with spiraling thorns, making for an edgy take on the classic heart shape.


Hand Sketches

Combine your love of hand tattoos by getting jagged lines, dots, and dashes all the way down from your wrist to your fingertips.


Arm Jewels

Have your cyber sigilism tat work double duty as a faux piece of dangly jewelry.


Hidden Meanings

To really lean into the cyber side of things, Barth recommends adding bar codes, QR codes, number sequences, or meaningful coordinates as a hidden design or message in your tattoo.



Get a thorny piece of art around your wrist for a cyber-style ink bracelet.


Postage Stamp

Add cyber sigilism-inspired motifs into another style of tattoo, like this spiky frame around a cute beetle.



According to Barth, you can add any color to your tattoo, but with cyber sigilism you’ll often see blues, reds, and purples. This one almost looks like a vintage neon sign.



Another option is to go for a design that looks like webs or thorns.


Back Designs

This back piece is super dainty, but still portrays the cyber sigilist style.



Add a surrealist element, like this eyeball, into the mix for a tat that’s truly your own.


Mario Barth, celebrity tattoo artist, owner of Starlight Tattoo

Lorena Lorenzo, tattoo artist, owner if Indigo ArTattoos