21 Pretty Hand Tattoo Ideas That'll Make You Want New Ink

Take inspo from Rihanna and Hailey.

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Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox, and Rihanna each have tiny pieces of ink adorning their fingers, proving that hand tattoos are definitely in. Plus, the search for “hand tattoo ideas” has over 837 million views on TikTok — so there’s really no time like the present to deck out your fingers with pretty dots and designs.

Hand tattoos truly are trending now more than ever, says Cassie May, a tattoo artist based in Toronto, Canada. It’s also tough to deny the beauty of a perfectly placed hand tat. There’s just something special about geometric dots down a finger or a cluster of butterflies on the back of a hand. One thing to keep in mind, though, is hand tattoo maintenance.

“Hand tattoos, especially between the fingers and on the knuckles, require frequent touch-ups due to their exposure to consistent movement and friction,” May explains. It’s good to know that going in, as you’ll probably need to schedule regular retouches to prevent your tattoos from blurring and fading.

Pain is also a factor. “There are a lot of nerves in this area,” says Lorena Lorenzo, a tattoo artist and owner of Indigo ArTattoos, so even the tiniest tattoo on your hand can hurt. Luckily, the healing process on your hands is the same as any other type of tattoo — and the end result is always worth it. Keep scrolling for 21 super cute hand tattoo ideas to use as inspiration.



RiRi has various hand tats, including this henna-inspired piece that’s connected to the art that covers her wrist.


Mini Geometric Prints

The hands are the perfect placement for a collection of dainty designs like zigzags, arrows, starbursts, and dots. Add some to the backs of your hands as well as down your fingers for an elegant touch.


Hummingbird & Hibiscus

May is a fan of larger artwork on the back of the hand, too, like this pretty hummingbird and hibiscus that she did for a client. The best thing about hand tattoos? Your pretty art is always on full display.


Words Of Wisdom

Get some words of wisdom to serve as a sweet reminder whenever you look down at your hands. Place your wording on the inside of a finger or down the side of your hand.


Dainty Rose

A fine-line rose looks chic when perfectly placed across your thumb. It’ll look so pretty peeking out of a sweater in the winter.



Bieber has a vast collection of dainty hand tats, including arrows, dots, stars, and moons.


Extended Sleeve

According to Patrick Cat, a tattoo artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah, various styles can be applied to hand tattoos, so don’t feel like you have to hold back. While you often see fine-line florals and geometric symbols, it’s also fun to extend your arm sleeve down to the top of your hand for a bold, bright look.



The fingers are a prime spot for tiny tats, like this collection of emoji-like symbols. Think mini hearts, moons, skulls, and lightning bolts — one for each digit.


Inked-On Jewels

If you’re a fan of chains and jewels, let yours take up permanent residence on your hand in the form of an inked-on bracelet.


Fine Line Assortment

Minimalists, take inspo from Megan Fox’s fresh assortment of micro hand tats — featuring suer tiny stars, evil eyes, and dots in both black and red ink.



Nineties-era butterflies are back in style and look particularly cute on a hand — especially when done in a shade of Barbie pink.


Meaningful Coordinates

Another popular option? Meaningful coordinates, like where you were born or where you met your partner. They’re on trend but will always be 100% unique to you.


Dots On Dots On Dots

If you aren’t sold on hand tats, dip your toe in with the tiniest dot collection at the base of your fingernails. They add a little extra something without all the commitment.


Tiny Hearts

A tiny heart on each finger is eye-catching, too, but in a simple way.


Inner Thumb

Hand tattoos look pretty across the knuckles, on the inside of a finger, right under the nails, on the side of the hand, and right smack dab in the middle.


Bold Botanicals

While many hand tattoos are tiny, no one said you can’t be bold. Go big with a rose that takes up your entire hand.


Angel Numbers

Whatever your angel numbers might be, let them take up permanent residence on your hands.



Ariana Grande’s hand tats are a gorgeous nod to the sky with the artsy moon — complete with a face — and sun.



Show your green thumb by adorning your hand with a plant of some sort — and pair it with an animal to further prove you’re a nature girly.


Peace & Love

Create a happy scene with your body art with a sweet fairy, hearts, and a peace sign.



Getting some randomly placed flames, like this one that winds its way up one finger, is so cool and edgy.


Cassie May, tattoo artist based in Toronto, Canada

Lorena Lorenzo, tattoo artist, owner of Indigo ArTattoos in Toronto, Canada

Patrick Cat, tattoo artist based in Salt Lake City Utah

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