6 Depop Plant Shops To Help You Fill Your Home With Greenery

Turns out the app isn't just for clothes.

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You probably know Depop best as the one-stop shop for all your second-hand needs and as a place that champions independent designers, stylists, artists, collectors and vintage sellers. But it’s not just a place for clothes. In fact, Depop has a number of great homewares accounts too – including plant shops, with users selling cuttings, propagated plants, and plant accessories on the app.

The love for house plant feels very real right now – especially after 15 months spent indoors. According to Independent, millennials have spent twice as much on plants in lockdown than any other generation. And it's not just indoor gardening, people between the ages of 25 to 39 are said to have spent on average £213 each on their outdoor space since mid-March, according to a survey by LV General Insurance.

And there's a good reason behind it — as the Royal Horticultural Society explains, plants are really great for our wellbeing. They can improve our mood, lower stress levels, and even improve air quality in the spaces they're in. Especially over the last year, when it’s harder to get out to your local nursery or plant shop, buying plants online is a safer way of shopping, and allows you to support independent businesses. So here are some Depop plant shops you should definitely check out.

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Plant One On Me

Gracie (aka @plantoneonme) sells a picture of potted and bare-root plants (which, as the name suggests, are plants with no soil around their roots). If you opt for the latter, postage and packaging cheaper comes in cheaper and you have the chance to try potting them yourself. You can also buy an assortment of cuttings which may include Moonstone, succulent, Panda paw, Echeveria, mini cacti and many more.

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Izzy’s Plant Babies

Self-described as a “plant keeno with cuttings going spare,” Izzy’s Depop shop sells propagated plants, rooted cuttings, and ready-to-be-planted and a few potted succulents too. They include Philodendron Burle Marx, Begonia Rex, Arrow Head Plant and the occasional plant pot for sale. There’s the occasional plant swap, too, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Traquil Ani

Ani’s shop sells a number of plants including mini aloe veras for as little as £2.50, and more unusual growers like Solenostemon. This makes Ani’s Depop store a great place if you're looking for quirky and hard-to-find plants on a budget.

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Plant Mamas

At this store run by Hannah (aka @hannahhh999 aka Plant Mamas), you’ll find all sorts of interesting offerings: avocado tree plants, hanging string of hearts, ZZ plants, and even Marimo moss balls, which can live up to 200 years! And if you can’t just decide on just one plant, you can purchase a succulent box bundle.

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Green Gardens

Greens Gardens sells cuttings and potted plants and you can expect to find everything from Alocasia Yucatan Princess to Sansevieria Masoniana (AKA the “whale fin” plant). Just make sure you move quick as Greens Gardens – which has close to 2,000 followers on Depop – sells out fast.

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Keep Them Green

If you’re looking for handmade, eco-friendly plant accessories, Keep Them Green is the place to go. They sell cute, original marbled pots and fishes, perfect for framing your plants, as well as incense holders. You can also find more unusual plants on Keep Them Green and seed kits so you can germinate your own plants at home.

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Just Us And Plants

Based in Swindon, Just Us And Plants mainly sells succulents, plant pots, cute mini terrariums, mini terracotta pots, and handmade soy was candles – ideal gifting for any plant lovers in your life. You can purchase cuttings of green and pink tradescantia nanouks, rooted pickle plant, and arrowhead plants. Keep your eyes peeled because the plants on offer do change.

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Plants Made At Home

Depop shop Plants Made At Home owned by the user Lauren Widders, a vet student, sells a number of plants and all are delivered in recycled packaging. From spider plants to Gollum’s fingers to Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, all the plants are already potted so you don’t have to worry about doing that yourself. Plants Made At Home also offers bundle deals if you want to opt for a few plants in one order.

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