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The Cleansing Oil Doja Cat Hoards Just In Case The World Ends

The singer shares her go-to makeup and skin care products.

by Hilary Shepherd
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Doja Cat tells Bustle about her BH Cosmetics makeup collection, beauty routine, favorite skin care p...
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Beauty Detail
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, Doja Cat tells Bustle about her new collection with BH Cosmetics, her artistic view on makeup, and why she has a certain cleanser on backorder.

Doja Cat used to be “trash” at makeup — or so she says. It’s hard to believe: The 25-year-old singer and songwriter is now a veritable beauty (and fashion) pro, churning out experimental and impressive makeup looks just as often as she drops her TikTok-viral bangers. While some credit is owed to her makeup artist, Ernesto Casillas, the Planet Her artist has been known to create incredible looks all on her own, occasionally documenting the application process on her Instagram and generously sharing product deets (presumably at her fans’ behest).

She has trouble summing up her current beauty aesthetic, which often involves artsy, graphic lids, telling me over the phone that she teeters between “unpredictable, in-your-face rainbow colors” and regular cat eyes. “I used to love to do the hot, extra makeup, full baking, lash, big eyeliner vibe,” she says. “But then I sometimes like to tone it down and do no lash. And I'm like, Why do I even wear lashes? I change my mind every five seconds. I can't stick with anything.”

Considering her love for eye makeup, it’s not shocking that it was an eyeshadow palette that helped Doja Cat transform from an amateur makeup lover to the skilled artist she is now. “When I was maybe, like, 14, I bought this [palette] with a ton of eyeshadows,” she says. “It was every color of the rainbow and more. I couldn’t do makeup, but I just kept on going; it was the one palette I could experiment and have fun with.”

BH Cosmetics

Though her prowess may have improved over the years, her view on makeup hasn’t. “I see makeup as doodling,” she muses. “I used to doodle and draw in school and that's why I didn't graduate, but it was one of my favorite pastimes. I really just look at it in that way: I draw on my own face.”

Now, things have come full circle for her: She’s just teamed up with BH Cosmetics on her very first line of makeup, which features tinted and clear lip balms, felt-tip eyeliner in green, white, and black, a 36-pan eyeshadow palette (of course), and a set of 10 brushes with hot pink synthetic bristles and flashy, gold chrome handles.

Though she recently declared that she wants to be more selective with who she collaborates with — musically and otherwise — this partnership is deeply personal. After all, it was BH Cosmetics that created that very eyeshadow palette she lovingly practiced with as a teen. “It’s very easy to slip into this mode of doing collaborations with everyone all the time because maybe a certain brand can pay you a lot,” she says, “but this is not one of those things for me.”

Below, Doja Cat reveals the top five beauty products she can’t live without, from a cleansing oil she swears removes even the most dramatic of her looks to the brow pencil that she’d take with her on a desert island.

Her Go-To Eyeshadow Palette

“You’ve got six or seven really good neutrals to play with. I know most people are doing those easy, casual, makeup looks, so you can do that with this, but you can also go wild with all these colors on this big-ass palette.”

Her Acne-Fighting Exfoliator

“You could use anything and have this as your exfoliator. It's super gentle; it's not tearing your face up like a lot of these exfoliators do. It's very, very effective. I struggled with acne as a kid, and this absolutely changed my life.”

Her Fave Brow Pencil

“I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil because it’s nice and fine. You can really create the effect of hairs. I use it in medium brown for my natural hair color.”

Her MVP Makeup Brushes

“I love these brushes. They're very soft and versatile. There's a lip brush in there that can actually help with a cut crease kind of look, and you can use the angled brush for brows or liner. The foundation brush is my favorite — it's really good for more natural-looking foundation. You don't want to look too cakey.”

Her Makeup-Melting Face Wash

“If I could pick only one thing, it would be this cleansing oil. It gets rid of makeup like no other. I have it on backorder. I have so much of that stuff. It's just sitting there in my bathroom just in case the world ends.”

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