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Emily In Paris Is Back With Its Chicest Season Yet

It seems the titular character finally understands French style. At least a little.

Lily Collins stars as Emily Cooper on Netflix's Emily In Paris.
Courtesy of Netflix

After a long wait, Emily In Paris will finally return to Netflix this summer, with the first half of Season 4 dropping on Aug. 15. And while I’m interested in the Emily-Gabriel-Cami love triangle, I’m much more excited for the fashion.

While the titular character’s coworkers have dubbed her style “ringarde” (the French word for “basic”), I disagree. Her over-the-top looks are maximalism personified — the antithesis of understated Parisian elegance.

Legendary costume designer Patricia Field, who worked on the first two seasons of the show, confirmed that the protagonist’s wardrobe was all about “fashion statements.” In Emily-speak, that means clashing prints, loud colors, and bold silhouettes.

On Wednesday, June 5, Netflix released photos from Season 4, and it’s shaping up to be the chicest installment yet. Even actor Lily Collins thinks so. Sharing photos on Instagram, she wrote, “With every new season comes new fashion choices, and Emily’s winter wardrobe will not disappoint.” Let’s dive in.

Emily’s Cobalt Blue Suiting

Courtesy of Netflix

As Emily grows professionally as a digital marketing whiz, her style veers more boardroom-appropriate. In one scene, for example, she wears a three-piece suit. Granted, in true Emily fashion, she goes for a shocking cobalt blue.

Her Master Class In Textures

Courtesy of Netflix

Instead of mixing prints — her signature styling technique — she plays with textures in a yellow look, pairing a slouchy blouse with a leather jacket and corduroy mini. Even her accessory adds tactile variation: a quilted bag featured long, decadent fringe.

Since butter yellow is the color du jour, it’s essentially a new neutral. But instead of leaning into the trendy muted tone, Emily ups her saturation in a pineapple shade.

Special mention to Mindy’s similarly monochromatic number. The character (played by Ashley Park) wears a cobalt blue mini with an exaggerated cinched waist.

Her Wintertime ’Fit

Courtesy of Netflix

Most people wouldn’t naturally pair a fluffy teddy coat with another fuzzy piece — in this case, a handbag. But in oatmeal tones, Emily’s doubly furry outfit looks seasonally stylish.

And because Emily never met a theme she didn’t like, she manages to inject Christmastime into the neutral base as well. She wears red and green in her scarf and gloves, respectively, and her Christmas tree earrings match the ornamented trees in the background.

A Lesson In Maximalist Restraint

Courtesy of Netflix

This outfit proves that Emily knows how to tone down her affinity to clashing maximalist prints. Sort of. She wears a ruffled blouse with feathery sleeves — maximalist, yes — but keeps the styling polished thanks to a structured yellow houndstooth dress over the blouse, which covers most of the ruffles. She also adds a gray coat, a “quiet luxury” staple, which further mutes the look.

The Little Black Dress

Courtesy of Netflix

While most fashion insiders consider LBDs a closet staple, Emily prefers her closet to resemble a rainbow. In Season 4, however, she proves that she can wear an LBD, too. While hanging out with Gabriel, her on-again, off-again love interest, she dons a long-sleeved turtleneck piece. Naturally, she chose a dress with studs all over the torso.