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The $40 Skin Care Device That Emma Roberts Uses Nonstop

Plus, the actor’s other favorite beauty products.

Collage of Emma Roberts in a leopard inspired shirt and her go-to skin care products
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, Emma Roberts talks with Bustle about her intensive skin care knowledge, her go-to products, and why she feels most beautiful when she sweats.

Aquarians are known for being extremely knowledgeable; once they find a topic they love, they will learn everything and anything one can possibly know about it — and then impart that knowledge to anyone who will listen. As a fellow Aquarius, Emma Roberts has a deep love for beauty products.

“I’m beauty obsessed,” Roberts tells me over Zoom. “Skincare obsessed, anything to do with products — I’m obsessed.”

It’s not an understatement, coming from the actor and new ambassador for Finishing Touch Flawless. What could’ve been a quick chat about two or three products turned into an intentional discussion about why she uses the products she loves and how feeling good is tied to looking good.

Her routine has changed over the years and, like many millennials, she’s gone from experimenting a lot with makeup to investing in skin care and its long-term benefits. “Having a baby [has] obviously just pared down my routine so much,” she says. “I feel like when you’re 16 or in your twenties, you can just spend hours in the bathroom trying new makeup things or three masks in one day. Now that I’m older, everything’s quicker and more efficient.”

She’s also gotten into the habit of listening to her body and mind — a useful tip, especially during times of distress. “If I have a week where I’m just feeling like I need to sleep or turn inward, or just taking care of myself in a different way, I’ll listen to my body and try to get that extra sleep,” she says. “If my son’s taking a nap, [I’ll] try to lie down and do a sound bath or a meditation. It’s just finding the balance and listening to yourself.”

While conventional beauty advice may lead you to believe that sweating is bad for your skin, her love of an infrared sauna and how it makes her feel emanates from the inside out. “I [just] feel like my skin looks the best when I sweat,” she says. “When I have a good sweat like that, I feel like my skin feels better, my brain feels better, and I feel like I can really do my beauty routine on a good blank slate.”

In the end, her advice is to always look inward and listen to yourself: “Ultimately nobody knows what you need more than you,” she says. With those parting words of wisdom, read on for the products that Roberts currently has in her rotation.


“Something that I got super into during the [last couple years] is doing at-home face steaming. Flawless has this amazing facial steamer that has also become my go-to gift for all the people in my life. My sister, my mom, my stylist — everyone’s obsessed with this. To have a facial steamer at home felt like such a luxury [while] pregnant. So that product has definitely stood the test of time — I’m still face steaming at-home and I love it.”

Her Smooth Skin Savior

“I’ve been dabbling in my anti-aging [skin care routine] now that I’m 31. I use the Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Serum. Her stuff is so luxurious and amazing. She [also] has the best travel kits. Whenever I’m going on a little weekend [getaway] or a quick work thing, she has so many different travel kits that you can use depending on what you need. The bottles are just so cute, and they always come in the cutest bag.”

Her Makeup Pick

“In high school, I was always the eyeliner girl — I loved the eyeliner in the waterline [and] the eyeliner on top. I don’t do that as much anymore, but sometimes when I want to do something different I’ll have an eyeliner moment. I love Jillian Dempsey’s Eyeliners. They’re creamy, but they don’t bleed down onto your under eyes when you wear them for a long time.”

Her Go-To Cleanser

“You can use it every day, but it exfoliates and you actually feel like you’re washing your face. I hate when you use face wash and your skin just feels slimy. It’s a little grainy, so it feels like you’re cleaning.”

Her Sensory Experience: Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil

“I love oils that have more natural scents to them. Any essential oil in a face oil or a face serum is always perfect for me.”

Her Moisturizer Of The Moment

“I bounce around on face creams, if I’m being honest — I have three in rotation. But one that I really love is the Tracie Martyn Resculpting Cream. That one is really, really good and it also has a really natural scent to it.”