Get Ready For This Iconic Hair Color To Make A Major Comeback This Fall

Hint: It's one of Rihanna's faves.

Hair stylists and experts reveal the hair colors they think will be popular this fall.
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Just as you change up your manicure and your lipstick for the seasons, you can also switch up your 'do — and changing your hair color for fall 2020 is a great way to give your look a refresh, whether you're looking for something daring or a more classic style.

To find out which shades will be popular this season, Bustle reached out to experts including Beyoncé's stylist Kim Kimble, Nine Zero One stylist Sarah Klein, Maxine Salon colorists Rex Jimieson and Karissa Schaudt, celebrity hairstylist Derricka Traylor, and Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color artistic director Colin Caruso.

And you're in for some surprises: Although you'll find classic deeper shades and new twists on traditional colors, you can also expect brighter hues like the pinks many celebs have chosen during quarantine. And while summer's bronde tones, balayage techniques, and rooted looks may still be around as people transition to autumn, you'll also see bolder, more colorful options, as well as low-maintenance styles people can do at home as they continue to practice social distancing. If you've been looking for a new hair color, check out these 10 experts expect to see everywhere this season.


Strawberry Blonde

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Klein predicts strawberry blonde as a fall trend for those who want a change but might be reluctant to try a full-on vibrant red. She adds the color is highly customizable and adaptable for many skin tones. "With reds, you can change the tone ever so slightly," she says, "therefore making it versatile and customized to the client."


Amethyst Brown

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Jimieson predicts an infusion of unexpected color in more traditional shades. He sees a deep chocolate brown with a bit of violet being big this fall. "I’m not talking full on Duran Duran red violet," he says, "but adding a subtle muted violet tone to your medium browns will look rich." Plus, because violet is made by combining red and blue, it looks good on both warm and cool skin tones.


Chestnut Brown

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Chestnut brown will be a major trend, according to Traylor, who cites its "rich luster." She also suggests adding honey-hued highlights to provide dimension. "This color is great for women who typically wear a lighter hair color and are looking to tone down their summer look," she says, adding that the color works particularly well for those with warm and tanned skin tones.


One-Tone Shades

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According to Kimble, one-tone shades will be popular this fall because they require minimal upkeep. "Since a lot of people are still doing their own hair and can’t get to a salon, I think we’re going to see a lot of one-toned warm colors," she tells Bustle. "Think warm browns, natural browns, reddish browns — something to make the hair look rich. We’re probably not going to see a lot of highlights — more easy maintenance colors." She recommends deep, warm tones for those with olive and yellow undertones, while those with pinker and more golden skin should try lighter shades within the same color family.


Forest Green

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If you're looking for a more dramatic change, Jimieson says bold colors will be popular this season, and suggests forest green in particular: "If your style is ultra-edgy, forest green is where it’s at." And because green is a mix of blue and yellow, the color looks great on both warm and cool skin tones.



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Caruso sees blondes moving away from warm tones and platinum looks and into more neutral territory with beiges. "Soft beiges add just the right amount of depth without overly darkening hair," he tells Bustle. "Subtle, sophisticated, and natural, shades of beiges have a neutral base and can be offered with both warm and cool undertones." He says the tone is also great for lowlights if you want to add dimension to the hair.


Ballerina Blonde

Schaudt is calling her prediction "ballerina blonde" — bleached hair with a subtle pop of pink: "For bleach tones that want a sprinkle of color, this precious pink is perfect." It's also already trendy — celebrities have been adding pink to their lighter locks throughout quarantine, with stars like Julianne Hough and Kaia Gerber embracing the shade.



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Remember Rihanna's burgundy-hued hair? According to Traylor, it's making a comeback. She calls the color vibrant and cites its "sexy and bold look." She adds that the color looks particularly good on those who typically wear their hair dark and have olive and golden skin tones.



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Schaudt says if you want to darken your hair, now's the time to do it: You probably won't be in the sun as frequently, meaning your shade will fade less. For this reason, she sees black hair — specifically, what she calls a "deep sea black" so dark that it has an underlying shade of blue — being big this fall.

Jimieson, meanwhile, predicts an "espresso black," which is "softer and easy to wear if you add the black to your medium or dark brown base color with foils or balayage, rather than going completely solid."


Caramel Highlights

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Caruso expects to see more face-framing highlights. "Cool brown bases with rich caramel highlights are perfect for any skin tone," he tells Bustle. "This juxtaposition of tones will add depth to your base yet bring a slight softness around your face." He adds that you can achieve the color simply by growing out your older highlights.