30 Fashion Mistakes We All Make That Are Actually Pretty Gross

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Some so-called fashion mistakes are outdated, like wearing white in relation to Labor Day, but you don’t often read about the gross mistakes we all make more than we’d like to admit. They’re less glamorous than style crimes but a thousand times more relevant. Whether it’s skipping socks because they ride up in ballet flats, tossing wet swimsuits straight into your gym pack, or not washing your makeup brushes as often as you should, they’re the shortcuts you’re tempted to make when you’re feeling tired, fried, or just not in the mood for extra hassle. These brilliant Amazon finds promise to make tedious chores just a little bit easier — so you’ll actually get around to doing them.

But how often do you think to shop for a DIY dry cleaning kit or deodorant stain remover? You can’t buy a no-rinse laundry detergent that’s going to change your life if you don’t know it exists — I was certainly impressed — which is why this list contains solutions to all kinds of common fashion “mistakes'' you might not realize you’re making, like moisture-wicking underwear if you typically exercise in cotton or separate travel bags for your shoes to protect your belongings from sidewalk crud. There are also tons of genius products, like hat cages that let you run ball caps through the dishwasher and cuticle guards that ensure flawless manis even on unsteady hands. Whatever your personal fashion Achilles, these 30 style solutions are going to make that stylish life so much easier.

A Supportive Sports Bra That Won’t Absorb Sweat

Although it’s tempting to hit the gym in your regular bra, it won’t do your workout or your gear any favors. Having a go-to sports bra with moisture-wicking capabilities ensures you get the support you need while keeping you cool through challenging reps — without turning into a sponge when you break a sweat — and this one offers high-impact support with an adjustable hook-and-eye band, so it’s a reliable choice for almost any workout. A cute strappy racerback means you’re just as likely to wear it for yoga as HIIT class.

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large Plus

Some Cult-Favorite Workout Leggings That Can Go The Distance

You wouldn’t want to wear cotton leggings for a heart-pounding cardio session, but that doesn’t mean the temptation isn’t there on lazy days. Colorfulkoala’s leggings are a bestseller for their couch-worthy comfort with high-performance details. Sweat-wicking with squat-proof four-way stretch and a U-shaped crotch gusset that can handle your toughest reps, they’re buttery-soft with a matte finish that shoppers swear is on par with lululemon designs.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

Some Iconic Cotton Underwear For Everyday

When it comes to the best everyday underwear, a cotton brief is essential — and Calvin Klein is the undisputed GOAT in that department. These classic bikini briefs are made from 90% cotton and fully lined through the crotch to be soft and breathable all day long, with a dose of spandex that ensures they’ll maintain their shape through years of wear. The logo waistband is thin and discreet (and less likely to show under clothes) but still gives you that 90s nostalgia the brand is known for.

  • Available colors: 21
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

These Moisture-Wicking Thongs That Are Built For Your Workout

I’ve done HIIT class in cotton underwear, and let’s just say it is not ideal. These thongs have a lot of features that make them great for punishing workouts: the high-waisted fit isn’t going to sag mid-squat, and they’re breathable and moisture-wicking so you stay cool and dry. The brushed fabric feels ultra-soft under leggings, and this set has you stocked in second-skin neutrals for pretty much an entire week so you’ll always have one spare.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X

Some Low-Cut Socks That’ll Even Disappear In Ballet Flats

Skipping socks will do a number on shoes, but they aren’t always practical for low-cut styles. These liner socks, though, have been engineered to scoop ultra-low across the foot so they’re practically invisible in ankle-baring shoes like ballet flats and even some heels. The breathable cotton blend will mop up sweat while creating a buffer between foot and shoe, plus silicone tabs at the heel ensure they’ll absolutely never slip down. They’re little but game-changing: over 9,000 shoppers have given them an average of 4.6 stars.

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: One size

These Sweat-Wicking Shoe Liners That Work Like Invisible Socks

If low-cut socks are still too high for you, slip these sockless shoe liners into your favorite pairs for a foot-friendly solution you’ll forget is there. They’ll add a layer of cushioning with absorbent terry cloth for sweat and an odor-busting infusion that keeps you fresh on your feet ‘til the end of the day, and they’re even machine washable for easy maintenance. Plus, they come in really fun patterns that’ll put some invisible pep in your step on otherwise blah days, like leopard, rainbow, and argyle.

  • Available colors: 18
  • Available sizes: Small — Large

This Cute Set Of Wet Bags With A Nearly Perfect Star Rating

A set of wet bags are an essential solution for frequent haulers of swimsuits, gym gear, or reusable personal care items — and these come in the nicest selection of patterns you’ll enjoy pulling out, with an impressive 4.8 star rating from nearly 1,000 Amazon shoppers. Each bag contains separate wet and a dry sections with locking zippers, so they’ll never pop open in transit, and the dedicated wet compartment is fully sealed against leaks. “I can fit a bathing suit, water shoes, and a change of clothing in one bag. It does keep things dry enough to use at the pool,” one fan praised, and reviewers found plenty of uses for them across the board.

  • Available colors: 13

A Set Of Shoe Bags To Separate Your Belongings From Sidewalk Crud

Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me, but packing shoes alongside the rest of my belongings is something I cannot handle. (Despite having probably done it in a pinch once or twice.) These bestselling travel shoe bags are worth having for commutes and travel alike to keep your belongings clear of whatever you might have stepped in throughout the day: you get two sizes per set that’ll fit a range of shoe types, in a waterproof fabric with sewn-in handles so they’re easy to grab from a bag. They come in sets of two to four, because you’ll likely pack more than one pair for a trip anyway, and nearly 7,000 shoppers have awarded them 4.7 stars overall.

An Expandable Dirty Landry Bag To Keep Your Suitcase Clean

Separating dirty laundry when you travel is a thousand times easier with this expandable laundry bag. It zips down to just six inches flat, then gradually expands into a drawstring laundry bag with room for approximately a week’s worth of clothing — and it makes unpacking a cinch, since you can dump it all straight into your hamper when you get home. The bag itself is even machine washable, so everything can get taken care of in one go.

  • Available colors: 6

Some All-Natural Leather Wipes That Revive Boots And Bags

Neglected leather can get pretty gross over time, but these BootRescue wipes make cleanup a breeze. You can use them on shoes, bags, car interiors, and more remove dirt and salt stains from leather, nubuck, and fabric. The natural formula gently yet effectively cleanses and conditions, erasing years of wear in just one or two wipes. Get them individually wrapped, or in a resealable pouch — whatever’s most convenient for you. “Just one simple wipe and not only are the salt stains completely gone, but my boots are super shiny and look brand new,” one fan reported. “I don’t write a lot of reviews (mostly bad ones),” they confessed, “but I highly recommend this product.”

  • Available sizes: 2

These Bra Bags For Protecting Delicate Cups

These bra bags let you machine wash your delicates without deforming them, so now you’ll actually do it. The soft zippered mesh separates them from the rest of the load to prevent tangling, with a firm yet flexible frame that preserves the cup shape through a spin cycle. Speaking of cups, the bags are offered in two different size ranges — so if you’ve struggled to find versions that worked in the past, they’re well worth checking out. “I know I should be hand washing the bras in the sink. But I'm sorry I have a life and don't have time,” one (relatable) fan wrote. “I absolutely love, love, LOVE the Laundry Science Bra Wash Bags” because “they are just slightly larger than other bags I've gotten but it makes all the difference” and have “the right amount of durability and breath-ability to allow for a good clean again and again,” plus “no other bra bag frame has this much support.”

  • Available sizes: Two sizes

A Hat Cage So Ball Caps Keep Their Shape In The Wash

Similar to delicate bra cups, a baseball cap won’t withstand the spin cycle on most washing machines. If you wear one frequently, it’s worth spending a little extra so you can keep your cap clean. (Instead of putting it off until the situation gets dire.) These ball cap cages let you run hats through the laundry or even toss them into the top rack of your dishwasher. Their light yet durable plastic frame won’t damage appliance interiors and snaps securely shut for a good tumble-dry — for just $10, you get a set of three.

A Deodorizing Spray That Works In Tight Corners

This all-purpose deodorizing spray can be used just about anywhere to refresh and revive. Its nozzle can be used upside down, allowing you to work from every angle, so you can air out your suitcase and your dirty gym shoes with the same can. Its odor-neutralizing formula gets rid of tough smells, but is so topically gentle that it won’t damage or discolor canvas, leather, and suede. “If I knew how effective this product would be, I would have purchased it months ago when I first started noticing an odor coming from my gym shoes,” one fan admitted. “A quick spray of this stuff and they are good for several uses before I have to respray them again.”

  • Available sizes: 2

A Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning Pen To Treat Stains On The Go

If you’re prone to spills — or even if you aren’t — keep one of these OxiClean stain pens on-hand to treat marks immediately when you’re out and about before they can set. They take up no more room than a marker, but you’ll be glad to have it when needed. Their angled applicators feature scrubbing bristles that help the oxygen bleach get to work fast without harsh fumes or discoloration. In a pack of three you can designate one for your everyday bag, your glove box, and your carry-on.

  • Available sizes: 2 sets

A No-Rinse Hand-Washing Laundry Detergent, So It’s Less Of A Hassle

Hand washing is not the most convenient process, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to baby your most precious items. Soak’s no-rinse laundry detergent helps streamline the process: its biodegradable plant-based formula just requires a quick sudsing to effectively clean, and is gentle enough that you can skip the rinse and go straight for the drying rack after. It’s also compatible with washing machines for delicate loads that can handle the spin cycle.

  • Available colors:
  • Available sizes:

A DIY Dry Cleaning Kit That’ll Save At Least Six Trips

If you put off going to the dry cleaner (or have already ruined a few sweaters in the washing machine) then Woolite’s at-home dry cleaning kit is going to be a game-changer. Spot-treat your delicates, then load them into the dryer with one of their specialty cleaning sheets that absorbs dirt and oil while helping to release wrinkles: in about twenty minutes, your “dry clean only” favorites are ready to be worn again. With more than 4,000 ratings, it has a 4.6 star average from reviewers who even trusted it with their wool suits.

  • Available sizes: 4

An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner That Does The Scrubbing For You

Chances are, you’re not washing your jewelry as often as you probably should be — and, frankly, cleaning delicate pieces you wear often is a hassle. This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner uses sound waves and tap water (yes, really) to remove dirt and oil from jewelry, glasses, and other small items in less than two minutes flat. Choose from five cleaning cycles on the digital display, then push a button and walk away. It’s really that simple, and that effective — more than 18,000 fans gave it a five-star rating for a deep clean that imparted serious sparkle.

A Sweatband Liner For Your Hats To Keep Them Looking Fresh

Protect your favorite hats against dirt and oil with these absorbent sweat bands. They adhere firmly inside the brim of most caps to wipe out perspiration, helping you stay cool and dry while eliminating sweat stains to keep your hat looking new between washings. Hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, they even have the PGA Tour’s seal of approval for golf pros — but even nonathletes consider these a game-changer. “I live in Las Vegas where it's always hot and I sweat a lot. I've ruined two hats to sweat so I thought I'd try these. They worked surprisingly well! They absorbed my forehead sweat and stayed in place just fine,” a reviewer reported.

  • Available sizes: 4 packs

These Soft Cotton Bra Liners That Mop Up Sweat

These bra band liners add a layer of soft padding between you and your band to absorb sweat so you — and your bras — stay dry. You’ll stay comfortable, and it may help you stretch out time between washings if you really hate laundering bras. The band liners themselves are double-sided, with brushed cotton and soft nubby terry, and are a lot easier to wash and dry in a regular load. The curved shape is ergonomically contoured to wrap smoothly, too, so they’re nearly invisible under clothes.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: Medium — Large

A Self-Cleaning Lint Brush Set That’s Tough On Pet Hair

Quickly remove pet hair and lint before walking out the door, or touch up if you notice a speck on the go — this reusable lint brush set sweeps away those tiny dust bunnies in seconds, and the self-cleaning base makes them a cinch to de-fuzz when you’re done. Unlike tape versions, they won’t leave adhesive residue and are miles easier to pack, plus you’ll never have to remember to pick up refills. Nearly 1,000 fur parents raved about how effective it was for pet hair, and the self-cleaning base got similarly high marks. “This is such an incredibly effective product,” one fan gushed. “I used to have a pomsky who shed like crazy. A couple sweeps with this and it would leave my clothing looking flawless. It's also very easy to clean, just dunk it back in its case, and comes with a cute travel sized version. I'm never going back to a traditional lint roller!” Keep the travel-sized version in your suitcase or glove box for last-minute swipes.

  • Available colors: 3

A Magic Eraser For The Inevitable Deodorant Stains

Sometimes, no matter how much you contort, you end up with a rogue deodorant mark on your shirt. If you don’t have time to clean it (or pick a backup outfit) these deodorant removing sponges will erase telltale streaks and get you out the door looking put-together fast. Reviewers say they’re shockingly effective, and will last for years without needing replacement. “I have one black tank that I thought I wouldn't be able to wear again because the armpit region is so upsettingly covered in deodorant,” one shopper wrote. “These magical little sponges completely restored my top back to new!! I was truly shook, and I continue to have success with these little things,” they raved. They’re even gentle on cashmere, accoding to fans.

  • Available sizes: 2

This Small Yet Mighty Fabric Shaver That Makes Sweaters Look New

Even an expensive sweater looks thrifted if it starts to pill, but a couple passes with Conair’s fabric de-fuzzer restores knits to their original smoothness. It comes with two options for power sources: battery-operated and rechargeable, but both have rave reviews from a combined total of 76,000 fans. The oversized face covers more ground per swipe, with three settings for a custom shave. A detachable lint trap is easy to clean out, and the ultrafine mesh ensures a close cut that never touches your fingers.

  • Available colors: 6

These Biodegradable Shower Wipes For Travel, Camping, Or The Gym

If you’ve ever been tempted to skip a shower after the gym, reach for one of these cleansing body wipes to hit the refresh button instead. The plant-based formula relies on a cocktail of peppermint, tea tree, aloe, and ginseng to cleanse and soothe. They’re hypoallergenic and pH-balanced, which sensitive skin will appreciate, and each individually-packaged wipe is biodegradable for a smaller environmental footprint. “I purchased this product for a recent trip to China so that I could freshen up between flights and also so that I could clean-up as needed,” one shopper wrote. “This was a nice alternative to a shower when one simply wasn't available. It just made me feel cool, refreshed, and slightly de-scuzzed.”

  • Available sizes: 2

A Dry Shampoo That Won’t Leave Crunchy Residue

Dry shampoo is great for stretching days between blowouts, but a noticeable white cast will a damper on the sleekest of styles. This dry shampoo by Waterless promises not to leave a trace of residue, and dozens of fans raved it actually lived up to the claim. “I use quite a bit of this dry shampoo when I spray it on, and it never leaves a residue. I have super dark hair so I struggle with dry shampoos,” a reviewer commented. “This one is freakin amazing because it works really well.” Tapioca starch and silica weightlessly absorb oil, while panthenol, niacinamide, and caffeine nourish hair when you don’t have time for a wash.

A Natural Deodorant That Won’t Stain Shirts — And I Personally Swear By It

Aluminum is the leading cause of yellow underarm stains, so making the switch to a natural deodorant may be smart if #thestruggle is real for you. I love this one by Real Purity, which stops odor and sweat just as effectively as my former “clinical-strength” antiperspirants — without aluminum or other harsh chemicals. It relies on a botanical including soothing aloe, cleavers extract, and essential oils that rolls on relatively clear and dries in minutes, providing all-day protection that lasts through a HIIT class. One bottle lasts several months, and I find it’s well worth spending a little extra because it’s natural and works so freaking well.

This Peel-Off Nail Polish Guard For Flawless DIY Manis

Whether you have shaky hands or ambitious nail art planned, it’s safe to color outside the lines with this paint-on cuticle guard. The formula creates an invisible barrier to protect the skin around your nails from stray polish, then peels off in seconds to reveal ten flawless nails — no steady hand required. “It dries fast, and peels pretty easily. I am pretty clumsy so it really helps me paint my nails faster and easier and no mess,” one fan reported. Since it’s latex-free, it won’t trigger allergies in sensitive types, either.

This Wildly Effective Makeup Removing Cloth, So You Have No Excuse To Skip It

It’s tempting to fall into bed without removing makeup at the end of a long night, but it’s not the best idea for your skin. These oversized reusable makeup remover cloths will gently yet thoroughly cleanse your skin using just a little bit of water, so you can swipe one over your face and call it a day without skimping on self-care. Then, toss it into the wash so it’s ready to go for next time — they come in packs of four to eight, so you can go a while before running out. Fans rave that they’ll even take off waterproof mascara yet are gentle on sensitive skin, and more than 16,000 shoppers have already added them to their carts.

  • Available sizes: 2 packs

A Spray-On Makeup Brush Cleaner, Because Shampooing Is A Pain

If you’re prone to skip shampooing your makeup brushes on the regular, consider this brush cleaning spray instead. Mist it onto a tissue, then swipe your brush back and forth to remove pigment and oil. The paraben-free formula is gentle yet effective on natural and synthetic bristles alike, with conditioning aloe and chammomile to keep them from getting crunchy. It can even be used on palettes and other beauty tools. There are travel-sized spray bottles if you’d like to test it out, all the way up to 32-ounce jugs for the pros.

  • Available sizes: 6

Some Laundry Bags That Are Like A Tiny Car Wash For Your Shoes

These investment-worthy shoe laundry bags offer the deepest possible clean with more than 10,000 thick microfiber chenille scrubbers inside. Each bag zips securely shut, protecting both your kicks as well as the rest of your laundry, and they even come with a set of adjustable, washable shoe trees you can slip inside to help your favorite pairs keep their shape through a spin cycle. “I love the idea that my shoes are protected and being safely cleaned versus being tossed around and beat up in the washer and the dryer,” one shopper pointed out.

A Waterproofing Spray That Shrugs Off Stains

Crep Protect’s cult-favorite spray forms a crystal-clear shield that’s gentle enough to be used on delicate materials including suede and even linen. The brand’s proprietary nanotechnology repels spills and stains, whether it’s your pricey leather heels that get caught in a downpour or you drop some cold brew on white canvas kicks, keeping them looking and smelling fresh out of the box no matter what life throws at you. “I spent the afternoon walking around the French Quarter/Bourbon street, went to a concert, then went to several crowded bars with filthy floors,” one reviewer bragged. “Not a single mark, stain, or spot on my shoes today. They still look brand new. 10/10 will buy again,” they raved, and more than 14,000 positive ratings from Amazon shoppers will back that claim up.