Glitter Mascara Makes Your "Cold Girl" Makeup Look Complete

This one product effortlessly elevates the wintery look.

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Spotted on the likes of A-listers like EmRata and Addison Rae, as well as countless beauty-loving girlies on TikTok and beyond — the “cold girl” makeup look is the effortlessly sweet, low-key trend that is truly reigning this season.

ICYMI: The adorable makeup trend uses a whole lot of strategically-placed blush and juicy gloss to make your complexion look as if it has been blasted with cold, icy air. And given that the experts agree we’ll be seeing much more of the chilly-inspired look in the months to come, it makes sense that BeautyTok would come up with fresh new ways to experiment with the popular frosty glam.

The latest step to add to your current “I’m cold” makeup routine? Creators have discovered that a few swipes of silver-hued glitter mascara easily takes the look to the next level, as the effect mimics what melted dewy snowflakes on your eyelashes may look like as they softly shimmer and glow in natural light.

That being said: I must admit that the added sparkling step takes the look from naturally flushed and wearable to something more like dramatized campy realism (which, of course, there is nothing wrong with). Though it seems TikTok’s beauty community feels that the glistening addition is either a big yes or a major no, with many simply feeling nostalgic for when glitter mascara was popular in the early 2000s.

If you’re among the more daring beauty gworls who are down to play with their look (and take their chilly glam to new heights), silvery glitter mascara may just be the niche product you’ve been missing all your life.

And as the days grow colder and the micro-trends shift before our eyes, there’s no telling what Y2K staple that most forgot existed might make its way back into the makeup bags of today (ahem, *hair tinsel.*)

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