Here's How Kim Kardashian Just Made $10 Million In One Day

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West pretty much broke the Internet on Nov. 15 when launching her trio of crystal and gardenia-inspired KKW Beauty fragrances. She also made a serious grip of cash with the digital-only launch, banking nearly $10 million in sales in just one day, according to several reports.

Initially, Women's Wear Daily revealed that only 300,000 bottles were manufactured, and that KKW Beauty fragrances were projected to rake in $14.3 million in receipts once the entire supply sells out. Kardashian also told the publication that her KKW Beauty perfume debut, featuring Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia OUD, and Crystal Gardenia Citrus, would be a "one-and-done" launch with no plans to restock.

Following the release, TMZ reported that the reality star and beauty mogul made $10 million in the first day and that the remaining bottles are expected to sell out by Thursday, Nov. 16. As of press time, bottles are still available for purchase on the KKW Beauty site.

Bustle reached out to KKW Beauty reps to inquire about the sales figures regarding this trio of fragrances.

UPDATE: KKW Beauty responded via email that it was not commenting on sales at this time.

If you haven't bought a bottle yet, don't delay any further. As the reported figures prove, the bottles going quick and will sell out. And you won't have a chance to shop again.

When creating her new trifecta of KKW Beauty scents, Kardashian took inspo from the calming crystals gifted to her by friends after she survived a harrowing robbery at gunpoint in Paris last year, as well as her favorite flower.

There are two things that make the astonishing success of this perfume launch so headline-grabbing. First, Kardashian made a brilliant business decision. Instead of licensing her name and likeness to a fragrance company and letting them do the legwork, as she had done with prior perfumes, she effectively eliminated the middle man. She did everything on her own, from conception to execution, and that move further increased her share of the profits.

Also, with the exception of a small stash being sold at the Violet Grey store in her native L.A., Kardashian opted for an online-only sales model. That's incredibly difficult to do, since a fragrance purchase essentially depends on direct customer interaction with the aura. E-shoppers didn't get to smell these scents beforehand IRL, yet still turned up in droves. That's a testament to the power of Kardashian's brand and the influence she wields in the beauty space.

Kardashian entered the cosmetics realm in the summer of 2017, launching creme contour kits. It made sense since facial angles and highlighted features achieved via contour have long been her signature beauty move. The kits sold briskly and matched the pace of her little sister Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics.

Kardashian fans can hold on to hope that the maj success of these three fragrances might inspire Kim to change her mind and to replenish the supply. It would be a simple matter of giving the people what they want. However, she did tell WWD that she already has plans for new fragrances that are slated to drop around Valentine's Day. While she declined to share further details, she did indicate that the concept would be totally different.

If you end up missing out on the olfactory glory of the KKW Beauty Crystal Gardenia scents, you can look forward to the new perfumes on deck in 2018. And Kim will no doubt make millions more then.