Tom Daley Has Released A Knitting Kit Collection – & It's Perfect

Wait until you see the flamingo knits.

Knitting collections from Made With Love By Tom Daley
Made With Love By Tom Daley

Ever since Olympic diving champion Tom Daley debuted his beloved knitting hobby — including his hand-knitted medal pouch, Team GB cardigan, and Harry Styles-inspired jumper — fans have had one pressing question: where can I buy one? Thankfully, Daley is putting us out of our misery by launching his very own knitting brand: Made With Love By Tom Daley.

The 15-piece collection of hats, scarves, blankets, and more, will be released in time for the festive period. The only catch? You have to get into knitting yourself.

Until now, Daley had only shared his one-off pieces via his dedicated knitting Instagram page – also named @madewithlovebytomdaley – amassing more than 1 million followers in its first two weeks alone. Following the popularity of his creations, which began to see as many headlines as his landmark Tokyo 2020 Olympic win, the athlete has created the collection so keen fans could also share the joy and “mindfulness” of knitting.

Available to buy from the soon-to-launch website, the first Made With Love collection is entitled 1896 (inspired by the first modern Olympics) and includes knit kits for jumpers, cardigans, accessories, and novelty items. And, not to worry, if you’ve never knitted a day in your life, the products are “for beginners right through to advanced knitters.”

What’s more, each kit comes with all the needles, biodegradable yarn, and knitting patterns you need to “create your own masterpieces,” confirms Daley. Prices range from £30 to £220 (pricey, but this will get you a knit kit for a double-sized blanket).

For all your knitting effort, you get to rock some truly funky designs, from Flamingo emblazoned jumpers, colourful hats and scarves, trendy bubble-sleeved cardigans, and a “Flamingo Elvis” knitted toy.

The launch is certainly special to Daley who says knitting is his “saviour” and believes the art form is “making a comeback.”

"It's been a form of mindfulness in between training and competing, and a way to pass the time while I've been travelling or sat at home during lockdowns,” the 27-year-old said. “I bring my knitting everywhere and I feel like I've accomplished something every time I make something new. I like to think knitting is making a comeback so I look forward to people giving it a try if they haven't before, making things they can actually wear."

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It’s safe to say fans are already excited. After Daley posted a teaser to the website earlier this week, people commented with excitement, with one person writing, “I really hope this means I will finally get to wear one of your masterpieces.” Turns out, they finally can.

And if knitting isn’t your thing, there’s a range of exclusive t-shirts and sweatshirts coming on Dec. 29, too. Joy for all.