How To Make The Viral DIY Tinted Moisturiser That's All Over TikTok

Caroline Tompkins / Refinery29 for Getty Images

Let's be honest: none of us have been wearing foundation during the past few months. If you have, props to you, but the majority of us are just too lazy for full on makeup. We're reaching a point now, though, where we may be missing makeup, and a few of us are going out slightly more often due to the easing of the lockdown rules. With this in mind, here's how to make a DIY tinted moisturiser that'll provide a touch of coverage and a whole lot of glow for those in-betweeny days.

The trend has been doing the rounds on (you guessed it) TikTok, the official social media sponsor of the 2020 pandemic (just kidding). If there's a wacky beauty hack worth knowing, it'll have had its moment on the platform.

The DIY tinted moisturiser hack is as simple as they come; all it involves is mixing a touch of your fave full coverage foundation with your daily moisturiser. Doing this means you no longer have to buy a separate foundation and a tinted moisturiser; you can get double the wear out of your usual base.

It's important to use a foundation on the heavier side, as your moisturiser will make up the bulk of the mixture, which is obviously completely sheer.

This technique allows you to build up the level of coverage to your liking, and because of the hit of hydration from your moisturiser, your skin will glow.

Any heavy coverage foundation will do, and it may be best to pick one with more of a matte or velvet finish as the moisturiser will provide the glow and bounce; you don't want to worry about looking oily rather than healthy and radiant.

Moisturiser-wise, a water/gel-based cream would work amazingly IMO; whenever I have done something like this in the past, products like this do the best. But honestly, just use whatever you have as you can play with the quantities and sheerness etc.

Beauty TikToker @jayiziahbeauty explains the hack in his video below:

Jay Iziah has a number of other brilliant hacks and looks on his account, so he's definitely worth a follow if you're a big beauty fan who likes to get creative.

NGL, this tinted moisturiser idea is one of the simpler hacks to be born from TikTok; others involve curling your hair with a dressing gown belt and using cocoa powder for your roots.