Hurr & Depop’s Collab Aims To Bridge The Gap Between Rental & Resale

Here's everything you need to know about The Loop.

Depop & Hurr collaboration. Models wear designer items ready for resale on The Loop
Courtesy of Depop

As more and more shoppers are becoming aware of their carbon footprint and the wider context of sustainability in fashion, both the rental and resale markets are on the up. Both are powerful platforms in the mindful fashion movement towards a sustainable fashion future: fashion rental sites hope to steer consumers away from unnecessary purchases by allowing them to rent designer labels for a fraction of their market prices; and fashion resale sites intend to extend the lifespan of the items.

Now, two big names in both fields are hoping to go one step further in closing the circular fashion loop. Hurr, the leading fashion rental platform in Europe, and community marketplace Depop, are joining forces to steer consumers away from over-consumption by bridging the gap between rental and resale.

Enter: The Loop. Hurr’s collection of popular pre-rented designer items from labels such as Stine Goya, Rixo, and By Far that is available to buy via Depop. The pre-loved designer items have been rented up to 20 times through Hurr’s “managed rentals” section, and feature pieces from skirts and shirts, to dresses and blazers, helping to “ensure clothes are kept out of landfill and find a second life through resale,” says Victoria Prew, Hurr’s CEO.

Courtesy of Depop

The collaboration, which aims to promote more mindful fashion consumption, offers both of their communities a chance to own some of Hurr’s most popular rental items at up to 80% off their original selling price.

“We’re excited to be the first resale platform that Hurr has partnered with on the next step of their circular journey,” Justine Porterie, head of sustainability at Depop said. “Both resale and rental have a role to play in reshaping fashion consumption and making the industry more circular,” said Justine Porterie, head of sustainability at Depop.

“Plus, reselling on Depop is not the end of the story – often it’s just the beginning, Porterie added. “We believe in helping to keep items in circulation as long as possible, keeping clothes that already exist passing from person to person. At Depop, we want to be able to give people opportunities to dress differently everyday with unique fashion, but a smaller footprint. That’s the future of fashion.”

Hurr's The Loop collection is available on Depop now.