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5 Closet Staples From The iCarly Reboot I Can't Wait To Copy

From her pink gown to her cardigans.

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The iCarly reboot is here, and the clothes are better than outfit. Here are all the iCarly outfits I...
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June 17 marked the premiere date for the much-anticipated iCarly reboot. With most of your early-aughts favorite actors in attendance, the iCarly characters are moving on with their lives, dealing with grown-up issues like work and romance. But one aspect of the show that hasn’t changed is the wardrobe.

Miranda Cosgrove’s original Carly Shay outfits were nothing short of 2000s fashion genius. All the hottest trends were present and accounted for: low-rise flare jeans, layered camisoles, printed mini dresses, and oversized cardigans. There was tons of color, a healthy array of sportswear, and ultra-romantic dressed-up looks. It was, in short, the closet of a child’s dream. That is, back in 2012.

How will the more grown-up 2021 wardrobe compare to the 2012 version, though? Only time will tell. One can only hope that the older and wiser Carly Shay will have the same love of apparel as her younger self.

Her love for dresses at least has stayed the same. The pale pink silk dress that you remember from the iCarly finale nine years ago is back in full form, as some eagle-eye fans have noticed.

Ahead, find all the new looks that have debuted so far. They certainly don’t disappoint.

Carly Shay’s Pink Dress

The O.G. pink dress is back. Fans noticed that the pink pleated dress with black criss-cross ribbons from the finale nine years ago. The first time around, Carly chose it for the Father-Daughter Air Force Dance, so it’s always carried a sentimental meaning behind it. And it’s still just as chic in the reboot.

Carly Shay’s Printed Tops

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Shay still has a penchant for prints, choosing to slip into colorful silk button-down pajama tops for an air of vibrance and leisure at the same time.

Carly Shay’s Cardigans

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Shay continues with her love of cardigans, updating her style to a more buttoned-up and preppy version of her closet staple.

Carly Shay’s Printed Silk Shirts

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Adapting a wardrobe of button-downs and denim on many an occasion, Shay keeps her look elevated by choosing printed silk styles that turn heads.

Carly Shay’s Oversized Separates

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Even with preppy classics, like a cable-knit sweater and jeans, Shay has an eye for fit, going for the slightly slouchy, yet not totally oversized look.

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