6 2000s Trends That Should Have Been More Popular

And they’re coming back.

6 2000s Fashion Trends That Should Have Been More Popular
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This year has been full of fashion trends from the early aughts. Flip flops, low-rise jeans, air accessories, and more have re-entered the lexicon with force, infiltrating nearly every part of the country — and globe. The only thing is, there are some key players that still remain absent. Several underrated 2000s fashion trends are still flying under the radar, but 2021 may just be the year they come back with aplomb.

Now, the early-aughts might not have been known as the most incredible decade in fashion, but there are some staples that you’ve likely re-discovered as of late. From Juicy Couture sweatsuits to low-rise jeans, these styles might even be a go-to in your daily rotation at the moment. But are you missing the double layer polo shirts, 2-pocket denim, or tattoo choker necklaces? You’re not alone.

Ahead, you’ll find 6 trends — from grunge to boho and everything in between — that you’re going to want to bring back ASAP. And the good thing is you can shop these trends now from affordable brands you love as most of the below pieces are actually under-$100.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a deep dive into the 2000s trends that should have been more popular — and hopefully will be soon.

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Jeans With No Back Pockets

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In the 2000s, along with the popularity of low-rise jeans came denim with no back pockets. With the current wave of sartorial trends focused on paring down, why not do the same and embrace jeans without all the extra details?

Tattoo Choker Necklaces


Though chokers are coming back into the sartorial lexicon with great fervor, there’s one style that’s been largely left behind. The simple tattoo choker necklace was a symbol of the ‘90s and early-aughts and it’s slightly grungy, yet sweet. Its stretch-and-wear quality is a nostalgia nod that should definitely emerge once again.

Tube Tops

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Layering is a huge trend of the moment but the first piece on is generally a pretty lace bralette or a seamless tank of sorts. Consider re-visiting your old favorite tube top instead. It’s strap-free and perennially chic.

Baby Tanks And Tees

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The 2000s was rife with tops that were a mix between T-shirts and crop tops. Re-introducing the baby tee. Though today, you might pair yours with high-waisted denim and silk midi skirts, the baby tee is a simple and classic trend from the early-aughts that should definitely be revisited more often.

Polo Shirts

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It’s time to bring back the true prep staple of the early-aughts by way of the classic polo shirt. The decade called for one, two, or even three to be layered at a time — with the optional popped collar of course. Whether you prefer a more oversized or true-to-the-decade baby tee fit, head out to stock up on some great polos this season.

Peasant Tops

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The peasant top is a ‘70s revival, popularized even more in the early-aughts. And it’s time to embrace it again. The peasant top is sweet, romantic, and great for casual looks in need of some personality. From the puff sleeves to the embroidered detail, these tops will look perfect with denim and skirts alike.