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The Story Behind Prince William & Kate's Matching Christmas Looks

Olive was a meaningful choice.

by Bustle Editors
Kate Middleton and Prince William's Christmas card outfits were both olive for a reason. Get the mea...
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The annual Cambridge family Christmas card is here, and with it comes several new revelations for fans. Among them, that the royal children are growing up; Kate Middleton’s hair is flourishing; and Princess Charlotte is the real star of the photo (and the family) in her adorable gingham dress. What stands out most, however, are Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Christmas card outfits and body language. Wearing matching casual items in a deep olive tone, with their hand placed ever so gently on the other’s knee, they’re saying: we are in love, in sync, and happier than ever. And that is a positive holiday message if there ever was one.

As it turns out, their outfits have even more meaning. They both chose olive looks, with Middleton in a pleated dress with a V-neckline, and Prince William opting for a polo shirt. The color olive represents “peace, harmony, and sophistication,” reports Adobe, as well as “perception and empathy.” Perhaps the color choice is a nod to their harmonious union but also meant to evoke peace and calm for a nation that’s still facing challenges after lockdown.

Prince George matches his parents in a camouflage shirt while Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis complement the trio in blue, another color known for its calming qualities. The photograph was taken during a family trip to Jordan early in 2021.

The royal family is well known for using color to communicate messaging to the public. When Queen Elizabeth addressed the country in April 2020, for example, she wore a bright green color said to represent "spring, growth, renewal, [and] a fresh start.” The Queen also regularly chooses bright colors to stand out in crowds, according to her daughter-in-law Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.

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