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Khloé Kardashian Wore Spandex Leggings & Thigh-High Boots To See Janet Jackson With Kim

Her and Kim had a vintage-filled night.

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On this season of The Kardashians, Khloé’s family discussed being worried about how rigid Khloé is (specifically, that she refuses to go with Kim and her mom to Paris for 12 hours). So when I saw that Khloé joined her sister and their friends for a fun night at the Janet Jackson concert on June 4th, I was pleasantly surprised that she was finally out of the house.

Khloé posted some photos from the concert yesterday which showed her all black vintage look for the night. Similar to her sister, Kim — who wore and $25,000 look from the singer’s archives — she opted for a throwback designer ‘fit for the nostalgic show.

Khloé’s Vintage Moto Look

For the occasion, Khloé’s stylist Dani Michelle pulled an archival Thierry Mugler outfit from their Fall 1989 “Hiver Buick” collection. Michelle shared that she was able to snag the look from second-hand luxury dealer The Real List.

Khloé’s all black look featured a sleek ribbed leather motorcycle jacket and black skintight spandex leggings. She wore a pair of thigh-high leather pointed-toe boots and accessorized with a silver handbag and black sunglasses.

You can tell that Kardashian really let loose by the way she whipped her new strawberry blonde hair behind her shoulders.

An Archival Affair

Kim, who is a huge Janet Jackson fan, waited a whole three years to wear a look once worn by the singer. In 2021, Kardashian bid $25,000 the custom Rifat Ozbek halter top and lace-up pants that the singer wore in her 1992 award-winning ‘If’ music video.

Her two-piece black and ivory set featured artificial bone lining the halter, which according to the auction house was made “with Native American influences.” The bottoms were body-hugging, flare-styled pants with a lace-up front and unfinished fringe on the bottom hem.

Both Kim and Khloé looked like they were having so much fun as they posed in their vintage looks.

Sometimes you just gotta throw it back to the good old days.

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