Lululemon Is Finally Extending Its Size Range

The change goes into effect at the end of September.

Lululemon Larger Sizes
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A Lululemon larger size offering is finally here. The activewear brand announced on Tuesday in a conference held by CEO Calvin McDonald, that they plan to extend their size selection to size 20. It currently only goes up to a size 14 for most pieces.

The company has been called out on multiple occasions in the past for body-shaming. In 2013, former CEO Chip Wilson resigned after stating that Lululemon pants “don’t work for some women’s bodies.” Then, in 2017, a woman’s story went viral after she was allegedly told that she should be shopping for a larger size when visiting the Lululemon store in Canada.

Despite these incidents, the brand continues to enjoy unprecedented popularity in the activewear market. Several items — including Meghan Markle's go-to Align leggings — continue to sell out and during quarantine, the brand saw a significant sales increase as many transitioned to working remotely.

In the months since, Lululemon seems to be turning a new leaf, even creating a global relief fund to help small businesses impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

The brand reportedly plans to increase its size range for core styles by the end of the month of September. The “majority of women’s products” will be more size-inclusive by the end of 2021. McDonald added that it is “an important step forward” for the company.