Lush Is Giving Away 100,000 Free Bath Bombs This Week

Here’s how to get your hands on one.

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Lush Is Giving Away 10,000 Free Bath Bombs
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Lush has built a cult following thanks to its popular eco-friendly and affordable range of bath bombs, shampoos, conditioners, body and make-up products. And now, the cosmetics brand is rewarding everyone for their loyalty by giving away 100,000 bath bombs to celebrate World Bath Bomb Day.

From Apr. 27, Lush fans are invited to select the best bath bomb to suit their needs, so they can enjoy sinking into a hot bath after a long and stressful day. Alongside the generous giveaway, Lush is also welcoming customers to treat themselves to the ultimate bathing experience for the first time ever at its various spa locations, including Bath, Liverpool, and London’s Oxford Circus. The Book a Bath experience pairs tailored products and a soothing soundtrack to immerse you in your adventure in bathing. Each experience includes a bath bomb, a fresh face mask, and cooling eye pads. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes with a 15-minute consultation, and costs £40.

The series of events are part of Lush’s mission to celebrate taking a “Lush bath”, and to promote the importance of switching off, being somewhere else, and giving yourself some much needed me-time.

Lush has been known for making bath time fun when co-founder Mo Constantine invented the first single layer, fast fizzing bath bomb in 1989. When the brand launched in 1995, it offered customers classic bath bombs, such as as the Butterball Bath Bomb and Blackberry Bath Bomb. Then the brand’s bath bomb inventor and chief digital editor Jack Constantine introduced the concept of #BathArt in 2014 and opened us to the world of colourful and whimsical bath bombs. And in 2017, the brand even launched a Harry Potter-themed bath bomb that flew right off the shelves.

If you’re not sure where to look or start, we recommend the Intergalactic Bath Bomb, which is Lush’s bestselling bath bomb. When placed into bath water, the bath bomb unleashes a galaxy of cobalt blue clouds and shimmering stars. What’s more, it has a deeply refreshing but not too overpowering scent of peppermint oil to help you relax.

We predict that the bath bombs will fly off the shelves, so head over to your nearest Lush store so you can enjoy some serious relaxation. Or, if you’ve missed out, you can shop some of the hero products below.

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