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Everything To Know About The Snapshot, Marc Jacobs’ Hero Bag

Gigi and Bella Hadid love it.

Gigi Hadid carries a Marc Jacob Snapshot bag.
Getty Images, Marc Jacobs
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Some bags are so embedded in pop culture canon, you would think they’ve been legacy pieces for decades. Such items will pop up on fashion-centric TV shows like SATC or, more recently, Emily in Paris, inevitably cementing their place in the zeitgeist. One such bag is the Marc Jacobs Snapshot, which fashion girls clocked in EIP’s first season.

Despite its onscreen fame and near ubiquity, the compact accessory is a relatively new style for Marc Jacobs, which opened doors in 1984. Though it’s only been on the market for eight years, the Snapshot hit the sweet spot between functional and chic. Its petite size, hands-free utility, and versatile removable straps made for a fashion cocktail style savants couldn’t resist.

Here’s everything you need to know about the signature crossbody style.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

The Snapshot’s Luxurious History

In the early 2000s, Marc Jacobs’ reigning it bag was the Stam, a massive quilted bag that hung on the arms of virtually every Y2K icon — from Beyoncé to Lindsay Lohan. By 2016, however, the top spot was taken over by a new accessory: the Snapshot.

As the name suggests, it was inspired by the camera bag style. The unassuming Snapshot was simple, compact, and fit in palm of your hand — the polar opposite of Marc Jacobs’ bulkier Stam. The “double J” hardware — unique to the bag at the time — instantly became associated with the bestselling piece, especially after appearing on the arms of fashion’s brightest.

Throughout the years, the label continued to market the Snapshot via buzzy, unexpected campaigns. It’s one of the reasons the bag still tops wishlists today. Recently, Irina Shayk modeled the Snapshot in her birthday suit. Save for the brand’s famous Kiki platforms, her bag was the focal point of the Spring 2023 ad.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Naturally, Celebrities Love The Snapshot

Two supermodels, in particular, immediately took to the accessory: Gigi and Bella Hadid. Soon after its launch, both were spotted carrying the style, albeit catered to each sister’s unique (and very different) personal style.

Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty Images

Weeks after Bella wore a sparkly, yellow, lighting-print style in July 2016, Gigi was spotted clutching a colorblock iteration in New York City.

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Since then, other stars have taken to the small accessory, including Natasha Lyonne and Megan Fox. The latter chose a baby pink option for date night in 2020, pairing it with all-black for maximum impact.

EOH/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images

Wait, The Snapshot Costs How Much?!

The Snapshot comes in a prism of colors, from understated neutrals to vibrant tones, and in all sorts of fabrications: leather, jacquard, woven, denim, monogrammed, and metallic. Even the thick, adjustable straps are available in various colors and logo prints.

Jacobs consistently collaborates with some of fashion’s finest to reinterpret the bag via limited-edition designs. In 2017, the label teamed up with Kaia Gerber, who released a patched Snapshot. Just last March, Jacobs collabed with fellow designer Anna Sui, whom he’s been working with since 2017. The resulting bag featured a caricature of both designers, illustrated by artist Will Broome.

Unlike most designer goods, which cost an arm and a leg, the Snapshot’s pricing sits comfortably between $295 and $395 — even for the limited runs. It’s a far cry from brands like Dior or Gucci, whose handbags rank in the thousands. This is one purchase you can justify.