2 Spot-On Beauty Habits Meena Harris Adopted From Her Aunt Kamala

One of which involves a drugstore moisturizer.

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The 2 spot-on beauty habits Meena Harris adopted from her aunt Kamala.
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Over half of the population believes they have sensitive skin, and Meena Harris is one of them. The lawyer, author, and founder and CEO of fashion charity organization Phenomenal discussed her complexion in a Zoom discussion with beauty brand Naturopathica about their Sensitive Is Beautiful campaign that Bustle attended on Feb. 17, and finally figured out how to deal with reactive skin. Her solution? A two-part strategy, partially adopted from her aunt, Vice President Kamala Harris.

"I have struggled with dry skin and eczema," Harris said. "My grandmother also had very sensitive skin, and in terms of taking care of myself, the number one thing she emphasized was skin care, and investing in high-quality products with a focus on sensitive skin."

To find out what works best for her, she admits she's tried all sorts of items on the shelves. "I feel like each year something new is happening [with my skin,]" said Harris, adding that she got a sun rash a year ago. At one point, she even turned to baby products. "I started using organic baby products. I figured, if it's good enough for my baby, it's definitely good for me."

When posed the question of whether she's gotten any beauty tips from her aunt, a certain cult-favorite skin care product came up: Cetaphil. "She uses Cetaphil, which is something my grandmother said was a really good product you could get at the drugstore for sensitive skin," said Harris. (Naturopathica's newly-launched Sensitivity Soothing Crème is basically a high-end version of it, BTW).

The other beauty secret Harris borrowed from her aunt? None other than hydration. "She always says to just drink a lot of water," she revealed. "I famously am not great at self-care. One of the things I consider a success and celebrate as a small win is drinking a ton of water." That said, it isn't always easy to hydrate as much as you're supposed to, which Harris acknowledges. "It's definitely become harder to balance with all the wine I've been drinking during this pandemic," she said. "It is interesting to see the effects of wine on your skin. So that's another fun thing to think about with aging and skin sensitivity and making it through this ongoing crisis." Well, thank goodness for balance.

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