8 Nail Art Trends That'll Level Up Your Manicure Game This Year

Time to call your manicurist.

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These nail art trends for 2022 are going to dominate your social media feeds.
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2021 was definitely a fun year for nail designs. Bold and playful nail art trends like bold, ’90s-inspired geometrics and twists on classics like the French manicure took center stage. From Hailey Bieber’s knockout psychedelic manicure to Megan Thee Stallion’s scary nail art that won spooky season, there were so many celebrities serving up plenty of noteworthy looks. And (thankfully) a lot of those super innovative nail art trends will not be lost in 2022.

In fact, experts predict that beauty enthusiasts will continue to find fresh ways to express themselves via their fingertips. Abstract nail art and minimal, beginner-friendly designs will continue to flood your timelines — providing an endless amount of ideas to screenshot before your next appointment. A few of them are even easy enough to DIY without being a pro. And who needs expensive accessories? With nail jewelry and shimmery, reflective velvet effect top coats on the rise, you won’t need any extra rings.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Bustle talked to Rachel James, founder of Pear Nova and Nadine Abramcyk, co-Founder and head of brand at Tenoverten, to get the scoop on nail art trends in 2022. Read on for eight design ideas.


The French Line

Twists on French manicures were all the rage in 2021, and expect to see modern and playful versions of the classic design in 2022. The “French line” is one example that Abramcyk loves.

Instead of a thick, crescent moon-shaped design at the tip of your finger, the French line features a thinner line in the same area. It’s super chic and — best of all — easy to create at home. “It’s a DIY-friendly take on a signature look,” Abramcyk says.


Abstract Nail Art

Abstract nail art has been having a moment for quite some time now, and that won’t change anytime soon. “In 2021, I saw a lot of abstract nail art — velvet effects, mismatched manicures with different art on each fingernail, and press-ons,” James explains. “I expect to see all of these going into 2022, with some [designs] lasting for years to come.”


Minimalist Designs

If you like to keep it simple on your digits, you’re in luck. James tells Bustle that minimalist nail art will continue to be popular in 2022.


Nail Jewelry

ICMYI: Jewelry isn’t just for your body. When it comes to accessorizing your nails, more is going to be more. Statement nail jewelry will become a staple on your timelines and FYPs.


Negative Space

Negative space nail art has been having a moment for quite some time now. Remix the design in unique ways — like half-moons near your cuticles or these outlined French tips — and wear the look on repeat.


Crushed Velvet

James says velvet effects in nail art will be super popular in 2022. The multidimensional effect is a great way to add next-level shimmer and texture to your look.


’70s Swirls

Another trend that’s easy to replicate in the comfort of your own home? Simple abstract swirls. Swipe on a clear base coat (or get creative with a bold color) and channel your inner artist with random swirls.


3D Details

Celebs like Naomi Osaka and Blake Lively sported larger-than-life nail art last year, and nail experts are bound to take their artistry to new heights in 2022.

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