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An Honest Review of MeUndies Boxers, According To A Non-Binary Person

Here’s how it feels to shop the cult-favorite undies.

Written by Megan Lasher
meundies rainbow striped boxers and boyshorts
Courtesy of MeUndies

If someone asked me to list inclusive underwear brands, MeUndies would seem like an obvious choice. Though I’ve never worn them, their advertising suggests that the company ethos is joyful, colorful, and inclusive of all sizes and genders.

Their social feed and in-store ads feature a diverse range of models, and there’s always a rainbow product in stock. Their Pride campaign even featured one of my favorite drag queens and for Valentine’s Day they showed some cute queer couples. That’s why I was taken aback when their site was heteronormative and hard to navigate as a non-binary person.

Underwear shopping is a gendered experience, no matter what. It seems like the options are “frilly pink lace” or “boring bulgy briefs” with no middle ground. Because of this, androgynous dressers like myself often get lost in the underwear sauce.

Along came inclusive stores like TomboyX and MeUndies, who saw this gap as an opportunity to market to LGBTQ+ people who don’t fit into the binary world of thongs vs. boxers. But there’s a big difference between marketing toward queer people and making products that queer people actually like. Honest reviews, like this one, are the way to figure out that difference. Here are all my unfiltered thoughts.

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Fast Facts

  • Best for: fun, colorful patterns
  • My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Price: $20 ($16 if you’re a member)
  • What I like: they’re fun, comfy, and super super soft
  • What I don’t like: it’s hard to find the right style and the boxers aren’t made of cotton

My Shopping Experience

Like many online shops, MeUndies has separate “Men’s” and “Women’s” sections. They also have a “MatchMe” program which provides a discount to couples ordering matching underwear — and all of that imagery is heteronormative, with “men’s” underwear paired with “women’s” items.

That being said, when you click through the program, you can immediately select what kind of underwear you and your partner wear, making it easy to enter info for same-sex couples.

There are six styles of men’s underwear and 11 styles of women’s underwear. Most of the men’s styles have large front pouch for assigned male at birth genitalia, and most women’s styles are bikini-esque undies, conforming to the same standard.

That left me with the “women’s” Boyshort style and the “men’s” Boxer style, which seemed like the best options for non-binary shoppers who don’t feel comfy on either extreme end of the spectrum.

The Product: MeUndies Boxer

Megan Lasher

I decided on the Boxer style, ordering it in the “Get a Shroom” print. The style is longer, with a looser fit than the boyshorts. They have the iconic MeUndies black elastic waistband at the top.

These boxers are made of super-soft and breathable fabric (92% MicroModal and 8% elastane), but there are pros and cons to this material. The pros: it’s eco-friendly (made from hardwood trees), incredibly soft (like, wearing your favorite bed sheets all day soft). The cons: the thin fabric can feel unflattering and not everyone wants that “no underwear” feeling. Also, people with vaginas should be cautious about underwear that isn’t 100% cotton, something I kept in mind.

If we’re talking about queer inclusivity, MeUndies patterns are definitely “it.” In addition to the pattern I chose, there were two rainbow options, months after Pride.

The Packaging

MeUndies uses eco-friendly fabrics in their undies and recyclable packaging for their shipping (a major bonus). Both the outer MeUndies package and the transparent product bag are made of recycled materials and say they should be recycled again. The experience of receiving a vibrant, purple package feels on par with the joy of shopping their colorful products.

Megan Lasher

First Impression

The first thing I thought when touching my MeUndies boxers was “wow, this is the softest thing I’ve ever felt.” Consider this a public plea for the MeUndies team to start selling bed sheets.

Fit-wise, however, I was frustrated with the length and roominess of the boxers: They are too long for some of my shorts and were very visible under tight clothing — the down side of the brightly-colored print. In general, they immediately read as pajama shorts for me — granted, the comfiest, most breathable pajama shorts in my collection.


I committed to wearing these boxers for a full day *for research* and, about an hour in, was frustrated by the thick black elastic band. I ordered the same size I always wear — a size large to fit my 31-inch waist. But due to the elastic, these felt uncomfortable. I could feel the thick band digging into my skin in an unpleasant way. That being said, the flowiness of the fabric felt nice under baggy pants, and during a long walk through the park, they were breathable and airy.

Final Verdict

I would probably only buy another pair of MeUndies if they have a really compelling print. In that case, I would opt for the Boyshorts style over the Boxers for a tighter fit and a smaller elastic band.

That being said, shopping in the womens sectino does feel less aligned with the androgynous vibe I was hoping for from this brand.

Similar Products

I’ve worn TomboyX for a few years now and love them. Their cotton fabric is long-lasting and the elastic band of their garments feel more comfortable than MeUndies. TomboyX has a wide range of androgynous underwear, including similar-looking boxers and boyshorts that aren’t categorized by gendered labels. Most of their styles are $20, but some go up to $32.