The 9 Most-Pinned TV Shows For Hair Inspo

Obviously, Carrie Bradshaw made the cut.

According to Pinterest, these are the 9 most popular TV shows for hair inspiration.
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Bringing a magazine photo of your favorite ‘do to the salon was the OG way to show your ideal cut. Now that vision board probably lives online — and the hair experts at Longevita scoured Pinterest to bring you the nine most popular TV shows for hairstyle inspo on the platform.

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1. Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke's debut as Daenerys Targaryen was an immediately defining moment in HBO's storied history. The luscious long, white locks that were always arranged in elegant intertwining braids and twists inspired 30,604 Pinterest boards and pins.

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2. Gossip Girl

Blair had her signature straight locks and chunky, sometimes bedazzled headbands. For Serena, it was tousled, beachy waves. The combination of the two characters brought in 12,657 pins and boards.

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3. Sex & The City

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw is one of TV's most enduring fashion icons. But her curly hair — which was worn in as many styles as her wardrobe — added to her allure. Twenty-three years later and the show still inspires 4,522 pins and boards.

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4. Charlie’s Angels (1976)

Even if you didn't know there was a Charlie's Angels show in the '70s, you've likely seen the Farrah Fawcett hair trend spreading on TikTok. The star’s voluminous glory (along with her fellow angels) ranks fourth with 3,817 Pinterest boards and pins.

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5. Peaky Blinders

If you noticed an uptick of men with undercut hairstyles and more tailored clothing, you have Peaky Blinders to thank. Lead character Thomas Shelby’s distinct look racked up 2,476 board and pins.

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6. Bewitched

As Samantha Stephen, Elizabeth Montgomery captured all of the glamour of the ‘60s and, later, all the opulence of the ‘70s. It's been 50 years, but Bewitched has still inspired 1,022 Pinterest boards and pins.

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7. Bridgerton

Every character in Bridgerton has served an endless amount of awe-inspiring beauty looks, so it's no surprise that people have been feeling inspired by the regal 'dos. According to Pinterest, 468 pins and boards have been created since the show's release.

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8. The Last Kingdom

Another historical fiction period piece that inspires Pinterest users is The Last Kingdom. Exactly 343 pins and boards paid homage to the gritty Viking hairstyles in the show.

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9. Queen’s Gambit

As Beth, Anya Taylor-Joy was a spitting image of the '50s. Makeup was a major part of this, but so were her perfectly coifed, shiny, luscious red locks that have inspired 252 Pinterest boards and pins.

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