Elie Saab's L'Oreal Collab Is Bringing You High End Makeup For Under £20

Plus, six more new beauty products out this week.

Elie Saab/L'Oreal

Buying beautiful makeup that feels special and luxurious has traditionally been a pricey pursuit. Luckily over the years, designer collaborations with high street giants have not only brought us accessible ways to wear expensive labels in our wardrobes, but also on our faces. The latest to hit the shelves comes from one of the most impressive couture designers out there; Elie Saab’s L’Oréal collab.

The collection between the designer and the more affordable drugstore brand is making waves in beauty, both for its simply stunning packaging, and the gorgeous products themselves. While it’s marketed as a bridal collection, this is a range that will work for any occasion, whether you’re off to a fancy ‘do or just to drinks with mates.

Speaking about the line, Saab commented: “My passion has always been to make women feel beautiful and make-up has the ability to highlight everywoman’s natural beauty. As the finishing touch to a look or an accessible way into the world of couture, makeup allows every woman to experience a touch of ELIE SAAB magic.”

As well as this impressive edit, there is also plenty out this week to help you get your summer glow on ahead of schedule. Victoria Beckham Beauty is launching a chic bronzing brick, for example, while there are two new tanning formulas for your face out, and a radiant skin dew from VIEVE.

Read on to find out more about each new beauty product out this week.