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Olivia Rodrigo & Avril Lavigne Wore Matching Plaid Skirts On Stage

It wasn't a phase.

Avril Lavigne poses with Olivia Rodrigo in matching black outfits
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

First a collab with Taylor Swift and now Avril Lavigne? Olivia Rodrigo is living her best, fangirl life.

The “drivers license” singer has been a fan of Lavigne since childhood, so much so that she’s made the pop-punk princess’ ballad “Complicated” a regular part of her set on her SOUR tour. After covering the song in countless venues, Rodrigo was finally joined onstage by her idol to perform together at the Toronto stop on April 30. Though “Complicated” was released before Rodrigo was born, Avril stans know her music transcends time.

Whether they intended to or not, the pop-punk icons ended up in the same uniform, both wearing pleated plaid skirts and black leather combat boots. Together, they looked like a couple of Hot Topic employees circa 2007.

Olivia’s look included a “Happy and Healthy” embossed top with ruffles reminiscent of a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates. Her skirt was a pleated blue and white plaid, accompanied with fishnet tights, and platform Dr. Martens. She stayed true to the Y2K pop-punk aesthetic with fingerless fishnet gloves — the kind you used to be able to cop at Claire’s for $5.99. Lavigne’s look was more ‘80s, with a leather jacket, combat boots with the laces undone, and a red plaid skirt.

Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne perform in Toronto, Canada

Having grown up with Lavigne’s edgy, IDGAF music and aesthetic to match, this crossover moment is not lost on millennials. This cross-generational duo is exactly what the pop-punk girlies need.