Why You're About To See Orange Lipstick Everywhere

It’s the new pink.

How to rock the orange lipstick trend you're about to see everywhere this season.
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Contrary to what Elle Woods might say, orange is the new pink — when it comes to lipstick trends, at least.

Makeup artists believe that people are craving more bright and experimental beauty looks than ever, hence the rising popularity of styles like mint green eyeshadow and graphic eyeliner. “For makeup lovers, our lips and faces have been under wraps for so long,” Victoria Stiles, celebrity makeup artist and creative director at ShikSona Beauty, tells Bustle. “We’re now gravitating toward bolder colors to express ourselves in new ways.” Enter: orange lipstick, this season’s hottest hue.

“Orange has made a comeback this season,” says Jenn Michelle, celebrity makeup artist and CEO and founder of GlamLife Beauty Collection. “It’s an easy-to-use color that suits all skin tones.” And that may be contributing to its popularity. Well, that and the attention-grabbing pop the hue brings when you wear it.

While experts say orange is universally flattering, there are some helpful tricks when it comes to finding your optimal shade. “It all depends on the amount of yellow in your undertone: The more warm and golden your skin is, the more yellow your lipstick should be, and vice versa,” makeup artist Molly Thompson-Tubridy tells Bustle. “The less yellow in your skin — and more strawberry — the less you should have in your lipstick.”

That said, if you’re just looking for a vibrant splash of color, Thompson-Tubridy says you can reverse the undertone rules. “That will help to exaggerate the color of the lipstick,” she explains. So in this case, the less yellow in your skin tone, the more you want in your lipstick shade.

Keep scrolling for the best products to snag if you’re ready to rock the orange lipstick trend, along with the application tips to follow for a flawless finish.

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To Prep Your Lips

Before applying your orange lipstick, Stiles suggests prepping with a lip scrub to create a smoother surface for application. She personally prefers M.A.C. Lip Scrubtious.

For Moisture

Once you’ve exfoliated, Stiles recommends using a lip primer, such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer. “It hydrates and smooths while preventing feathering in lipstick,” she tells Bustle.

For Precise Application

For maximum impact, Stiles suggests using a lip brush for a more precise lipstick application. “I prefer the Love Beauty Fully Essential Retractable Lip Brush by IT Cosmetics for on-the-go ease,” she says.

For Lining Your Pout

Michelle recommends outlining your lips with a liner that matches your skin before applying your lipstick. “Then add the orange lip of your choice, and start at the rim of your lips working your way to the inner lips,” she says.

For A Soft Orange

Just dipping your toe into the bright shade? Try this one. “It’s the perfect soft orange hue that looks fantastic on all skin tones, and is a ‘safe’ choice for first-time orange wearers,” Stiles says of Youngblood’s Lipstick in Tangelo.

For A Dramatic Pop

For more dramatic orange lipstick, however, Stiles suggests the M.A.C. Liquid Lip Color in Resort Season. It’s extra bright and delivers the fun shade with a whipped texture that feels moisturizing on your lips.

For A Yellow-Orange

Another take on the orange lip is to go with a terracotta tint, Michelle says. “It's a yellow-orange color that can give you a natural pop on your lips and brighten up your face,” she says, pointing to Fenty’s Freckle Fiesta as a prime example.

For A Satin Finish

This recently-launched Hermes lipstick brings long-lasting orange to your pout, and it’s the very same orange of the brand’s signature box — so you know it’s très chic.