Phoebe Dynevor Is Glowing In Her New Role

The Bridgerton star shares the spotlight with Jourdan Dunn and Kate Moss, revealing the beauty buy behind her natural, healthy glow.

by Bustle UK

Celebrated make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury and her launches never fail to impress, but her latest launch is perhaps one of the most exciting yet: Beautiful Skin Foundation. Tapped to be the faces of the campaign are what Tilbury calls “the best of British fashion and acting”: Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor, and supermodels Kate Moss and Jourdan Dunn.

This, of course, isn’t Dynevor’s first campaign for the beauty brand. She was announced as a Charlotte Tilbury brand ambassador back in September 2021, and has since fronted Pillow Talk and Limitless Lucky Lips launches. Her latest campaign might be her most glowing yet, no doubt down to the “science-meets-colour” formula behind the brand’s new foundation.

Per Tilbury, the 30-shade-strong foundation promises to give you natural-looking coverage (as beauty journalist Funmi Fetto notes, “leaves skin looking like skin”), all while boosting radiance, moisturising, plumping, and evening out skin tone. Effectively, it makes you skin better as you wear it, not just when you first put it on. Oh, and it lasts up to 16 hours. The Independent also notes on the light, but buildable, nature of the formula, too.

Packed with coconut extract, the make-up star says it plumps the skin by 181%. “It’s like a superfood for the skin that reduces water loss when you wear it, and the Hydro-Smooth [which is a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid] evens out the skin tone by 210%,” she tells Glamour. Rose complex boosts radiance and has an instant illuminating effect, while fading out “the dullness and fatigue in the skin,” she adds.

“Beauty to me, means confidence and feeling good from the inside out,” explains Dynevor. “I always think of Charlotte Tilbury as synonymous with beautiful makeup, She creates products that are easy to use and flattering for everyone, and Beautiful Skin Foundation is no exception.”

“When I first tried this on set of the campaign last summer, I was instantly hooked. I’ve worn this on the red carpet and day to day and it gives my skin a natural, healthy glow.”

Beautiful Skin Foundation is available to shop now and costs £32.