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Every Princess Diana Look Recreated On "The Crown" By Emma Corrin

From wedding gowns to pink polka dot dresses.

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Princess Diana wedding gown recreated on Netflix's The Crown by Emma Corrin
Getty Images. Netflix.

Netflix just released their first official trailer for “The Crown” Season 4 featuring Emma Corrin, who will play Princess Diana’s likeness. The season promises to feature Princess Diana largely, as it is set right around the time that she entered the Royal Family.

Fans are already anticipating the iconic outfits the show will recreate in the episodes to come. One particular look that has people talking? Princess Diana’s iconic wedding gown, which will be a major style moment on the show just like it was in real life.

Thanks to some photographers who frequented the set of the series while filming in London this past year, fans got a first glimpse at the looks that the late style icon wore that will soon be represented on screen.

With her wardrobe, Princess Diana was able to breathe new life into the Royal dress code, wearing modern trends and championing young British designers.

Her sartorial legacy endures. Her looks are copied by fashion enthusiasts across the globe, including her daughter-in-laws Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. And once Princess Diana's outfits and style hacks are introduced to a new generation of viewers on Netflix, her influence will only continue to grow.

Ahead, find 6 looks worn by Princess Diana and recreated for Corrin on The Crown.


July 29, 1981

Getty Images. Netflix.

One of the most iconic Diana looks was her wedding gown for her marriage ceremony to Prince Charles. The dress featured a voluminous puff sleeves and a train that measured 25 feet. Princess Diana paired it with a tulle veil that was made of 153 yards. The Netflix trailer for The Crown visually ensured that fans would get a long look at the replication worn by Corrin herself.


April 18, 1983

Getty Images. Netflix.

Princess Diana attended a performance of Coppelia in New Zealand in 1983 wearing a bright lavender silk off-the-shoulder evening gown. Corrin was recently spotted in a similarly-toned silk gown that, while strapless instead of off-the-shoulder, is sure to be a re-creation of the same.


April 7, 1983

Princess Diana Archive/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images

While filming season 4 of the Netflix show, Corrin was seen in a pink polka dot long-sleeved dress with a waist belt and bright pink fascinator. It was exactly like the one that Diana wore during her 1983 tour of Australia with Prince Charles.


September 17, 1980

Getty Images. Netflix.

Corrin was spotted walking around London in a slightly sheer printed midi skirt, collared shirt, and sweater vest, which looked eerily similar to that very same look worn by Princess Diana in 1980 at The Young England Kindergarten.


March 21, 1983

David Levenson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While in Australia in 1983, Diana wore a simple white shirtdress for a beach walk with Prince Charles. Corrin also wore that look while on set for season 4 of The Crown.


July 27, 1981

Tim Graham/Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

Corrin was seen on set wearing a Liberty print floral midi dress in blue, which was a dead-ringer for Diana’s dress that she wore to the final rehearsal for her wedding in 1981.


June 4, 1981

Princess Diana Archive/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images

For Nicholas Soames’ wedding, Princess Diana chose a bright red polka dot dress with a matching red hat, which Corrin recreated for her role on the Netflix series.


April 29, 1983

Getty Images. Netflix.

During her visit to New Zealand in 1983, Princess Diana wore a full midi skirt and mandarin-collar cropped jacket to match, which Corrin slipped into effortlessly for her role as the style icon on screen.

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