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Rachel Zoe's Favorite Holiday Fashion Trend Is Very 2000s

Glamour is back.

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Rachel Zoe talks holiday fashion trends, from 2000s-inspired embellishment to '90s style dresses.
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The fashion business is notoriously tough to break into — just ask Andy Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada. But Rachel Zoe, who rose to prominence as a celebrity stylist to clients like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, is working to help people who want to follow in her footsteps.

Zoe, the founder of The Zoe Report and luxury subscription service Curateur, is partnering with Express on its Community Commerce program, where customers can style, sell, and earn commission on the retailer’s seasonal collections through an app.

“This program is very entrepreneurial, nurtures talent, and helps you grow your own styling business,” Zoe tells Bustle. “It’s something I wish I had available to me when I was starting out.”

As part of her work with the retailer, Zoe will debut curated collections this month, as well as a collection in spring 2022 that she co-designed with Express. She’ll also help recruit, guide, and mentor aspiring stylists.

Alongside the program, she suggests that aspiring fashionistas get their start with an internship or a job working in retail to learn the basics of styling people. “Anything to get experience is invaluable,” she says. And sharpen your business skills: “Just because you love fashion doesn't mean you don’t need to know business.”

While Zoe thrives on the business side of things, she enjoys having fun with fashion, especially when it comes to holiday dressing and 2000s-style embellishment. “You can pretty much be sure that my holiday attire has always been covered in velvet, sequins, metallics, and beautiful fall colors like deep bordeauxs,” she says. “I always love to do a great sequin top, cocktail dresses, and jumpsuits.”

Post-holidays, Zoe will be gearing up for awards season, and expects Hollywood glamour to return to the red carpet in full force. “Coming out of [lockdown], people are going to go all out — very colorful, glamorous, and sequined.”

In the meantime, read on for Zoe’s holiday fashion must-haves, including the ’90s lingerie trend she wears every season.

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A Sequin Dress

“The holidays are the best excuse to wear sequins,” says Zoe. “I love this midi with a great pair of slouchy suede knee-high boots — the perfect festive look for a chic holiday dinner party.”

A Faux-Fur Jacket

“No matter what I’m wearing or where I’m going, I always throw on a faux fur,” says Zoe. She suggests dressing it up with a ’90s-inspired lingerie look or just going casual with your favorite jeans: “Pair this with anything from denim during the day to a sleek slip dress for the evening.”

A Cozy Sweater

Zoe is all about mixing textures when styling this balloon-sleeve knit. “Pair this cozy sweater with a great pair of leather trousers and ankle boots,” she says. “It’s perfectly seasonal and still makes a statement.”

A Warm Scarf

“The weather is finally chilly enough to wear a scarf all day, every day,” says Zoe. “This is the coziest wrap that makes you feel instantly styled.”

Zoe especially loves wearing this scarf when she’s lounging inside. “I throw it over a caftan and wear it around the house,” she says. “It even doubles as a blanket.”

A Chic Weekender

Heading out of town for the holidays? A leather duffle is the perfect getaway bag for a holiday weekend, according to Zoe: “Paired with an easy monochromatic travel outfit, it basically styles your outfit for you.”

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