30 Rainbow Nail Designs For Pride Month & Beyond

Why choose just one color?

by Summer Arlexis and Audrey Noble
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When a single shade of nail polish is just way too dull for you, it’s time to take a break from the dark side — and Pride month is the perfect time to walk on over to a rainbow paradise where the grass is always greener and the sky is bluer, and everyone is all around happier.

Pride is full of celebrations to highlight and uplift the LGBTQ community. With LGBTQ+ rights under attack, now more than ever we must come together to fight back against the hate and injustices. No act is too small, so why not show your support with some of the most fun rainbow nail designs out there?

Whether you're more of a nail art in 30 seconds or less kind of girl or you're a mani pro, there's a rainbow nail design to suit every skill level. Seriously. From simple minimal details to all-out glitter bombs, there’s a way for anyone to rock rainbow nails. So get ready to grab an ice cream cone and Instagram your manicure because your nails are definitely going to be worthy of major likes. Look towards these 30 designs for some eye-catching, multicolored mani inspiration.

30 Ideas For Rainbow Nails

1. Gradient Water Marble

Mix the rainbow, an ombré, and a water marble design together and you've got an epic set of nails.

2. One Nail, Different Colors

There's no way your nails won't match every outfit you put on.

3. Colorful French Tips

Rainbow tips will spice up your nails when you just absolutely cannot resist getting a French manicure.

4. Rainbow Water Marble

Jump on the water marble bandwagon, but do it with a colorful flair.

5. Tie-Dye Nails

What better way is there to let your inner child out for some air than with tie-dye nails?

6. Polkadots & Stripes

When you can't decide between polkadots and stripes, do both for an uber cute nail design.

7. Candy Cane Stripes

These candy cane rainbow stripes are the perfect way to show your pride.

8. Rainbow Rhinestones

If bling is your thing, rainbow gems can be your go-to when you want a splash of color.

9. Multicolored Jewels

It may take a long time to achieve this look, but you can't ignore how elegant those rainbow pearls look.

10. Sugar-Coated Nails

What's better than rainbow nails? Textured rainbow nails.

11. Jumbo Heart

Nothing screams love quite like a giant heart.

12. Colorful Skyline

Show some hometown love or represent the gay pride in your city with a rainbow skyline.

13. Rainbow Cutouts

Just when you thought rainbow nails were childish, cutout nail designs add an edge.

14. Rainbow Houndstooth

If houndstooth doesn't scream sophistication and class then I don't know what does.

15. Ombré Animal Print

I never thought animal prints could get even wilder, but here we are.

16. Multicolor Glitter

Your head would probably be spinning after strategically placing all of that glitter, but you'll definitely turn some heads with these rainbow nails.

17. Mix & Match

Stripes, polka dots, ombré — you love it all, so why not try a set of mixed-match nails.

18. Taste the Rainbow

Your nails are your canvas, so paint a rainbow masterpiece on them.

19. French Accents

Looking to subtly dress up glossy bare nails? Add some rainbow French tips to a couple of fingers to elevate any neutral.

20. Short & Sweet

Perfect for minimalists, show your pride with single thin rainbow-colored lines at the top square-shaped nails for a clean and simple look.

21. Go Gradient

Go all out because why not? Mix all the rainbow colors in a gradient design for a dynamic nail look.

22. Glitter Galore

These bold pin-striped rainbow nails are gorgeous on their own, but who says no to adding glitter? Place gold shimmer at the base of the nail and have it fan out to add just a little something extra.

23. Rainbow Swirls

Swirl around different colors and add a touch of glitter for something really mesmerizing and chic.

24. Pastel Tips

For soft and pretty, opt for pastel rainbow-colored shades for your French tips. Add a matching heart decal in the middle to up the cuteness factor.

25. Groovy Vibes

Stick to the OG ROYGBIV colors and paint them on with this super cool swirl design. It gives off all the good and fun vibes.

26. Double French

What’s better than one French tip? Obviously two. Paint on double French tips with different rainbow colors against a bare nail to really make those shades pop.

27. Right Angles

Go for geometric shapes on your nail designs for something that’s really eye-catching. These angled-stripes and blocks of rainbow colors are truly striking.

28. Rainbow Stripes

Simple yet bold, painting on different colored stripes all over is the perfect way to celebrate pride on your nails.

29. Dainty Dots

Outline the outer part of your bare nails with tiny rainbow-colored dots for an interesting minimal look. Plus, they’re just simply adorable.

30. Neon Matte

Dress up an ultra-cool bare matte nail with neon rainbow shades squiggled on the side.

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