This Cool-Girl Beauty Brand Now Curates Vintage Clothing

Meet Saie Vintage.

Saie Vintage is a sustainable (and chic) addition to the beauty brand's offerings.

You can buy all kinds of merch these days: band merch, voting merch, fitness studio merch, beauty brand merch. Buzzy brand Saie Beauty, however, is taking a more sustainable route with its introduction of Saie Vintage, a curated shop of pre-loved apparel.

Saie Beauty, which launched in 2019, has become an industry favorite for its line of makeup-meets-skin care products. If you haven’t yet tried its complexion-enhancing concoctions, some of its best-selling items include Slip Tint, a dewy tinted moisturizer with SPF, and Glowy Super Gel, a serum-highlighter hybrid. With its new addition of Saie Vintage, the brand has become one of few beauty lines to cross over into the fashion category — and it’s doing so with the environment in mind.

Founder Laney Crowell has prioritized sustainability from the beginning, so the launch aligns perfectly with the brand’s eco-friendly approach to everything it does. “Instead of producing new items, which cause more environmental waste, we decided to collaborate with female-founded vintage curators to create a line of merch that combats climate change,” Crowell tells Bustle.

First up on Saie Vintage are Eveliina Vintage, a line of hand-dyed slip dresses, Kiko’s Kloset, a California-based curator of retro pieces in fun prints, and Large Lemonade, which adds embroidery to vintage denim and sweatshirts. Shoppers can snag one-of-a-kind creations from the three vendors, who each made special pieces for their collab with Saie Beauty (think denim jackets with “Saie” above the breast pocket and slip dresses in Saie’s signature lilac hue). Saie will be rotating the vintage brands it features in order to spread the love, too.


Besides skipping the fast fashion route to sell merch, Saie Beauty is an officially Climate Neutral Certified brand: It ships its products in post-consumer recycled and virgin cardboard sourced from sustainable forests; it sources local packaging in a solar-powered facility; it will recycle your empty products for you — and more. For a brand that’s already made waves in the beauty space, its vintage shop only further solidifies Saie Beauty as a line that has its pulse on what consumers want.